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Weekly Headlines of the United Mashadi Jewish Community of America


Candle Lighting: 7:23 pm
Shabbat Ends: 8:32 pm

Prayer Times

holocaust remembrance day

Great Neck Community Holocaust Remembrance Day

Join the Great Neck community to commemorate Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) on Sunday, April 23. This commemoration is jointly sponsored by all of the Great Neck’s synagogues and will take place on the Village Green (Middle Neck Road and Beach Road) beginning at 11:00 a.m. The program will include a presentation by a Holocaust survivor, our local government officials and our very own Rabbi Yosef Bitton as one of the speakers. A siren will be sounded at 1:00 p.m. throughout Great Neck in memory of the victims of the Holocaust. Seating and bottled water will be provided for those in attendance. For more information contact Mr. Albert Bassal.
Click Here for the Official Flyer and Participating Synagogues


Great Neck Public School Meet the Candidates for the School - Mon, Apr 24

UMJCA Public Affairs Committee Announcement: Monday, April 24th.The Great Neck Public School Meet the Candidates for the School Board and discussion on School Budget and Bond. For more information please contact Jonathan Hazghiyan. . Click Here for Flyer and more Info

rabbi moshe aziz 2

Honoring Newly Ordained Rabbi Mosheh Aziz

On Sunday, March 19th, Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS) and the Yeshiva University community celebrated the ordination of more than 130 musmachim [ordained rabbis] at its Chag HaSemikhah Convocation. Only a handful of the graduates came from Sephardic background, and it is an honor that the Mashadi community's very own Rabbi Mosheh Aziz has achieved this distinction. The Mashadi community will be honoring Rabbi Aziz this Shabbat, April 22nd at 54 Steamboat Rd. at the end of Mussaf services. Many Rabbanim of the Great Neck community have been invited to celebrate this momentous occasion. To see the recent Yeshiva University press release featuring Rabbi Moshe Aziz, Please Click Here. Mazal Tov to the Aziz and Liviem families for this tremendous accomplishment.

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Yom Hashoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day

As the years go by, the Holocaust becomes a more distant memory. We need to take every opportunity we can to listen to the remaining Survivors tell their story while we still have the chance to hear if from their own mouths. Please join us this Yom Hashoah to hear Mrs. Sonia Hochman, a survivor of the Holocaust, retell her story. Also speaking will be Ryan Levian and Zach Fouladi who recently visited Poland on the March of the Living trip, and will share their experiences. All ages are encouraged to attend. Light Refreshments will be served. Sun, Apr 23rd 8:00 PM. Ohr Esther Synagogue - 130 Steamboat Road. Please contact David Dilmanian or Tony Aziz for more info. Click Here for more Flyer and more Info


Learn It Up High School

We are proud to announce the start of Learn It Up High School. All High School aged students are encouraged to come Wednesday night April 26th @ 130 Steamboat Road (Ohr Ester) for a start to an amazing program. This program is for both Public School and Yeshiva High School students. The schedule of the night is as follows: Dinner: 8:00-8:30 pm, Learning: 8:30-9:30pm, Desserts: 9:30-10:00pm, Teachers: Rabbi Barak Levy, Josh LeVian, Elie Bassalian, Debbie Aziz and Dorina Kalaty. For any further questions please contact: Michael Livi: 516-782-7720, Ryan Levian: 516-492-4525, Isabelle Benilevi (516) 6988926, Spencer Hakimian (516) 6501091, Oliver Hajibay (516) 5320844, Abigail Zar (516) 6607632, Nadav Hematian (516) 9844272.


Rules for Speakers at the Didan

It has recently become apparent that at didans many people do not stay for the service. They give their condolences and leave immediately as they do not want to stay for a long service. The Shaare Shalom Synagogue Board would like to remind the community of the rules for speakers at a didan:
1) Total time allotted to speakers is 30 minutes
2) Maximum number of speakers is 3 with priority given to our Rabbis. We hope that this will result in a shorter service and better attendance at the didans. Please note that these rules only apply to didans and Not the “haft” (7th day) or “See” (30th day) which are usually attended by close family and friends and where t is more appropriate for family members etc to speak. The Shaare Shalom Synagogue Board thanks the community for their cooperation. Submitted by Ephraim Aminoff.


Please support HODS (Halachic Organ Donor Society)

To register as a card holder Click Here
To join Team UMJCA for the May 2017 5K Marathon Click Here, (when asked, register under “Team_UMJCA”)
To Sponsor our team Click Here

Contact Oren for any further information oren@bezalely.net 516 424 7985. Your support for HODS will save lives. Submitted by Oren Bezalely

israel 5

Yom HaAtzmaut Celebration Party at Ahavat Shalom

A Yom HaAtzmaut Celebration Party is being organized at Ahavat Shalom. Come and Celebrate Israel’s Independence Day on May 1st. with Music, Food Desert and drinks. Tickets are available at a Special Price of $10 per person until April 23rd. To purchase tickets please contact Mr. Reuben Agadi, Mr. Robert Iranian, Mr. Edmond Bassal and Mr. Albert Bassal.. For more information and details about the program please contact Albert Bassal.

YOH Chinese Auction 2017 Flyer

Yeshivat Ohr Haiim/Bnot Yaakov/ Kol Yaakov Annual Cinese Auction

Yeshivat Ohr Haiim/Bnot Yaakov/ Kol Yaakov will be having their annual Chinese Auction on May 7th in Great Neck Synagogue at 7:30 PM. The night is in memory of Majid Zerovabeli a'h and in honor of Mrs. Shoshanna Friedman and Natan & Dina Yakubov. Admission is $30 and it includes a $25 ticket. There will be a Lederman Buffet Dinner. This years prizes include Rolex, watch, Four tickets to Israel, $3000 cash prize, Chanel bag, MacBook Pro, and many more. Submitted by Mojgan Liviem
Please Click Here for Ticket Packages
Please Click Here to View the Catalog Online

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"Save the Date"

Sunday, July 23rd: UMJCA Chinese Auction

coupleas event

Town Hall Marriage Forum

A Message from the Marriage Committee: On Monday, May 8th Marriage Committee is hosting a Town Hall event at Shaare Shalom. As there have been many engagements in the past year, there's still many challenges facing the singles in our community. In anticipation of the event, we will like to share some pointers for parents to keep in mind when their children begin dating. Parents should lower their expectations and be more realistic when it comes to their kids dating. Keep an open mind and don't reject anyone based on observance and status differences. When your kids approach you about a potential partner, be careful how you talk about him or her. Even facial expressions can affect your child's decision. Teach your kids to look for important things in a partner, like good values, a najib personality, someone who's going to be a good wife/ husband and a good parent. Not superficial things like looks and wealth. Submitted by Arezou Tolou Hakimian on behalf of the UMJCA Marriage Commitee. Click Link for Flyer and More Info


Whatsapp Sefirat Ha Omer Reminder

Dear Friends and Family, It’s a New Passover and a New Whatsapp Sefirat Ha Omer Reminder is being set up. If you are interested to receive a Reminder, please send a Whatsapp Message to +15163435666 to Sign Up. Important: No Reminders will Be Sent On Erev Chag Or Shabbat Eve's. Please Let us know If you would like to Sponsor a Night with a Dedication or ad. With Your Help Last Year The Omer Reminder Donated Over $14000 to The Angel Fund. We Hope to reach $20000 this year. For more information, please contact Shlomo Nourieli.

carrer fair

Upcoming Community Career Fair

Central Board is planning a career fair for beginning of May. If you are looking to have the opportunity to hire community members including the upcoming college graduates please contact Jonathan Hazghiyan at (516) 241-9898 / Jonnyhaz@gmail.com or Babak Kamali at 516-532-9255 / Bob@icinyc.com to reserve your booth at this fair. Space is limited and is available at first come first serve basis.


Shira News

Shaare Shalom - Mashadi Jewish Center

Celebrating the birth of the newborn baby Girl Olivia, born to Simone and Joshua Hackman

Ohr Esther - Young Mashadi Jewish Center

Celebrating the Bar-Mitzvah Torah Reading by Joseph Mayer, Son of Nahal and Michael Mayer

Shaare Rachamim

Celebrating the First Torah Reading, Maftir Reading of Ethan Livi, Son of Gila and Simon Livi

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Weekly Newsletter of the Mashadi Jewish Community of Milan. Clicca qui per Noam News

rabbi bakhshi

Five Tuesdays Community Tour Seminars by Rabbi Isaac Bakshi

First Seminar will be at Shaare Shalom on April 25. All seminars start at 8:00 pm sharp. Refreshments will be served. $10 suggested entrance fee. Submitted by Parham Shaer. Click Here for more Info and Flyer


Fighting for Israel and Against Terror in the Courtroom - Apr 23

With Attorney Nisana Darshan-Leitner. Ahavat Shalom Synagogue. April 23 2017 at 6:00 pm Submitted by Eli Kashi on behalf of the UMJCA Israel and Zionizm Committee. Click Here for Flyer and more Info


Speak Hebrew

Simple every day Hebrew speaking program for all adults of all ages classes are thought by Nimrod Bejerano. Starting Wednesday night April 26th at 8:00 pm for Ten sessions till June 28th. The program is sponsored by The Jewish Agency in Cooperation with Sid Jacobson Center and our own Israel and Zionism Committee. Fresh Brewed Coffee and Dunkin Donuts will be served. The classes are free of charge. $18 registration one time fee. Location: Shaare Shalom 54 Steamboat Road. For more information please contact Yossi Namdar or Yoni Nitzani.

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Sisterhood proudly presents: Mother's Day Plant Sale

On Sunday, May 7th, 2017 at Shaare Shalom, 54 Steamboat Road, from 9:30am-3:00pm with same day Free Delivery. Choose from a variety of Begonias, Petunias, Dalias, Coleus, Lilies, Annuals, Perennials, Flats,Hanging Baskets, Herbs, Vegetable Starts, etc. Pre-Orders Available.. For more information, please contact: Janet Navaei Livian (516) 205-9606, Dalia Hakimian (516) 236-7414, Esther Livi (516) 782-7427, Sharona Arjang (917)822-4499. Click Here for Flyer and more Info


MYC WhatsApp

MYC is pleased to announce that we are now on WhatsApp! We will be posting our events through WhatsApp as well as our other social media outlets. There will be no more than 3 messages sent a week. If you wish to subscribe please WhatsApp message MYC at (516) 441-2460 with your full name. If you wish to unsubscribe at any point just WhatsApp message MYC saying "unsubscribe". Submitted by Jason LeVian.

torah sephardic

Class For Women at Shaare Rachamin with Dorina Kalaty, PCC

Transformation through Torah Weekly exploration of the Parashat Hashavua. Classes will be continuing this Shabbat at Shaare Rachamim after services.


Community News via WhatsApp!!

You can now receive Community Prayer Times, Shira News and more through the NEW Kanissa News WhatsApp Broadcast. This Free Service is available by Subscription Only and will be Limited to Less than Five Messages per week. To subscribe, please send a WhatsApp Message with your First & Last Name to (516) 350-0354.


UMJCA Donations Payments on Venmo

A New service is being provided by the Central Board to facilitate your UMJCA Invoice payments. You can now pay on Venmo @UMJCA. For more information please contact Mika Hakimi.

IDFBASKETBALLrevised  1  copy

3rd Annual UMJCA Charity Basketball Tournament

Join us on Sunday, May 7th for the annual UMJCA Charity Basketball Tournament. The eventful day will take place in Shaare Shalom alongside the Sisterhood Plant Sale & Israeli Shuk. We will be inaugurating the newly renovated gym and spending the day in honor of the IDF. All tournament proceeds will go towards the construction of a new synagogue in the Kisufim Outpost near Gaza. The day will consist of a 3 vs. 3 basketball tournament with two different tiers to choose from. Each team may consist of 3-5 players, open to all men ages 17+. In addition to the men's tournament, there will be a women's full court game as well. Don't miss out on a special Yom Haatzmaut celebration in honor of the IDF! To sign up your team, please contact Josh Namdar, Jason LeVian, or Kevin Hakimi.
Click Here for More Information and Official Flyer


Shalom Camp 2017

Shalom Camp 2017 is now open for Registration (516) 829-1435. July 3, 2017 - August 25, 2017.
Early Bird Prizes are in effect through May 17, 2017. Toddlers 9:30 -2:00: 8 weeks $2,060 - 6 weeks $1,600 - 4 weeks $1,090.
Nursery and Pre- K 9:30 – 3:00: 8 weeks $2,170 - 7 weeks $1,930 - 6 weeks $1,690 - 5 weeks $1,430 - 4 weeks $1,150. Submitted by Rozita Djourabchi.
Click Here for more Information and Official Flyer


We Connect - Mashadi Peer to Peer Confidential Support and Information Help Line

We are excited to announce the beginning of a new initiative for Mashadis in need of information and confidential help/advice. We are starting with four important areas of concern and we hope to expand into new areas. Anyone who needs a place to start and someone to talk to Confidentially in the following areas may contact the appointed liaisons. They will help you to connect with the proper health care professionals, surgeons, counseling, social workers, and various available social programs that may be available to you.

Click Here for Contacts and More Information

Submitted by Avital Rahmanan Raynor on behalf of the UMJCA Programming Commitee.

Camp-MJC-Logo copy

Last Call! Registration for Camp MJC Closing Soon

Camp Dates: Jul 3 – Aug 26, 2017.Don’t miss out on a fun and memorable summer for your children. Register NOW for one of our final spots. . Please contact info@campmjc.org or (516) 640-0077 for information or to register. If you wish to register but need tuition assistance, please email Aid@CampMJC.org. The deadline to apply for financial assistance is April 10, 2017. Submitted by Natascha Shaer.


HaChodesh April 2017

Click Here

rabbi bitton4

Central Board Announcement: Rabbi Yosef Bitton Available For Counseling

Rabbi Yosef Bitton is available for counseling for any member of the community. Please, contact him preferably by email rabbibitton@yahoo.com or whatsapp (516) 382-4447. For more information please contact Mehran Hakimian.


Community Email Subscription Services

UMJCA is offering a variety of email subscription services for community members who want to be informed and be notified about community news. To subscribe to the email notifications of your choice, please go to www.kanissanews.com/subscribe