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Weekly Headlines of the United Mashadi Jewish Community of America


Candle Lighting: 8:12 pm
Shabbat Ends: 9:20 pm

Prayer Times

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4th Annual UMJCA Charity Auction

Dear community members, The 4th Annual UMJCA Charity Auction is scheduled for Sunday, July 23rd, at Temple Israel where will be honoring the Past Central Board Presidents. For donations, please contact Mr Kourosh Namdar (516) 263-9480. Thank you, Charity Auction Subcommittee.

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Reaffirmation of Our Traditions (Takana) - Shabbat, Jun 24 at our Synagogues

As we do every year, there will be a special reading of the 'Takana' in all 3 synagogues on Shabbat Jun, 24th.
This Special Day has already become a Mashadi community Institution to remind us every year of our traditions (per the UMJCA by-laws) regarding intermarriage. Intermarriage poses the greatest threat to Jews in the USA and it is important to keep this Takana fresh in our minds. For more information please contact David Kordvani, Jonny Hazghian and Ephraim Aminoff.
Click Here for the Takana document and the Allahdadi Incident Brochure by Shalom Week


Special Mincha Services at Shaare Shalom for this Sunday

A Special Mincha Service Only have been organized at Shaare Shalom for this Sunday at 1:30 pm, since many community members will be BH travelling to Israel and it’s Rosh Chodesh. For more information please contact Moris Aziz.


Super Rosh Chodesh Father & Son Minyan

When was the last time you prayed together with your Son? Don’t miss a Super Rosh Chodesh Edition of the Father and Son Minyan on Sunday Jun 25. Services will begin at 9:30 am.Special Prizes will be raffled for the kids attending the Minyan. For more information, please contact Allen Hakimian.

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A Daily Dose of Torah – 7:35 am, Shaare Shalom Library

The 8:05 Minyan is proud to present a summer learning program with our very own Rabbi Moshe Aziz, starting Monday June 26th at 7:35AM, followed by Shacharit and Dunkin Donuts breakfast. A Daily Dose of Torah before prayers can add tons of excitement to your day — every day! For more information please contact Parham Shaer or Adam Liviem. Submitted by Parham Shaer

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Special Thanks!

The Whatsapp Omer Reminder and The UMJCA Angel Fund Would Like to thank all this Year Sponsors and Dedications together Raised $26,954.00. The Smallest Mitzvah of A Beracha brought a Bigger Mtzvah Of Zedakha. May Hashem Bless all of You 1000 Times More In Health, Happiness, Mazal, Joy And Prosperity. Submitted by Shlomo Nouriely.

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Receiving UMJCA Invoices by Email

Dear Community Members: We are in process of moving our Invoicing to a paperless based setup. We urge everyone to sign up to have their bills received via email. You will have the Option of paying your bills online or direct to UMJCA office. Kindly use the link below to sign up for this feature.. Keep in mind bills can also be paid via Venmo@UMJCA. www.umjcadirectory.com
For more information please contact Mika Hakimi

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Sephardic Bet Midrash Presents:

Night Seder and Weekday Mincha and Arvit at Shaare Rachamim

Starting this Monday, Jun 19, Shaare Rachamim will be having weekday Mincha and Arvit Services followed at 7:10 pm. followed by Dinner and “Night Seder”. For more information please contact Josh LeVian, Click here for Flyer and more Info


FIDF Legacy Program July 21-23

A message from the Israel and Zionism committee in collaboration with the MYC and the FIDF.
On the weekend of July 21-23 we will be hosting a group of 15 Israeli Bar and Bat Mitzvah aged kids who have lost their fathers or brothers fighting on behalf of Israel in the IDF. The children will be accompanied by social workers and IDF commanders as part of a program that sends children who have lost family members on a two week trip to camp in the United States. They will be guests of the community for that weekend with several fun programs for them. Many generous families have already opened up their homes to host the children and the IDF commanders, but we are looking for a few more volunteers to host a minimum of three people per household (two kids and one IDF member. Households with children of Bar/Bat Mitzvah age and members who can speak a little Hebrew would be preferable. If you are interested in hosting, please contact Mehran Bassali at 1 (917) 509-7329, Jason Levian at (516) 776-5656 or Yoni Nitzani at (917) 783-9008


Meorot at North Shore Hebrew Academy

North Shore Hebrew Academy is a proud partner and the host of Meorot, a new Judaic Studies special education after school program at our Cherry Lane campus, which will launch in September 2017. Meorot -- which is the first program of its kind in Great Neck -- will allow children in grades K-3 who require a special education classroom environment and are unable to attend a Jewish day school, to experience a Judaic studies curriculum taught by special education teachers -- including Limudei Kodesh, Hebrew language and Jewish identity -- that students in a Jewish day school enjoy each day.
The benefits of the Meorot program go beyond the students who attend the program. We all benefit. The establishment of this program speaks to the core values of our community, our commitment to Jewish education for all our children, and the importance of making every child feel a part of our community, regardless of their limitations. It teaches our children empathy, compassion and responsibility. Please join us at the inaugural informational event this coming Monday, June 12th at 8pm at the home of Tara and Irv Golombeck - 24 Arleigh Road, Great Neck NY 11021.
Submitted by Jonathan Hazghian. Click here for Flyer and more Info


Mashadi Orot Yom Kippur Machzor and Selichot Book Sponsorship Opportunities

A Yom Kippur Machzor and Selichot Books is being published according to Mashadi Minhagim, in Hebrew with English Translation. For donation opportunities please contact Kourosh Namdar at (516) 263-9480 or KNamdar1971@gmail.com.
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Shabbat Classes at Shaare Rachamim

Come join us for a new series of classes at Shaare Rachamim:
6:30 pm: Yaakov Bitton - 6:45 pm: Rabbi Maroof - Pirkei Avot
Classes will be followed by Mincha and Seuda Shelishit at 7:30 pm. Open to all - Submitted by Moshe Enayatian.


Shabbat News

Shaare Shalom - Mashadi Jewish Center

Celebrating the Wedding of Tehila and Ariel Kohanim
Celebrating the Wedding of Sabrina and Andy Bassaly
Celebrating the Engagement of Adina Rofeh to Raphael Khojahiny
Celebrating the birth of the newborn baby Girl, born to Paulette and Isaac Nematnejad
Celebrating the birth of the newborn baby Boy, born to Shirley and Jackie Kamali
Celebrating the Bar-Mitzvah Torah Reading by David, Son of Galit and Babak Abdolahzadeh

Ohr Esther - Young Mashadi Jewish Center

Celebrating the Engagement of Kelly Tripp to Joseph Nitzani

Shaare Rachamim

Celebrating the birth of the newborn baby Girl, born to Jennifer and Ronnie Kordvani

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Weekly Newsletter of the Mashadi Jewish Community of Milan. Clicca qui per Noam News

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Free Food and Baby Formula for Families with Young Children and/or Pregnant Women

Dear friends, the New York State WIC program helps families with kids under 5 years of age and/or pregnant mothers with vouchers for free food , baby formula etc if the family's monthly gross income is within their guidelines. For example a family of 4 can have an income of up to $3800 per month and still be eligible! Please note that a pregnant woman counts as 2! The larger the family, the higher their income can be! Contact the Nassau County Health Department's WIC program (516) 571- 1942. For more information you can contact Anna Carmili


Community News via WhatsApp!!

You can now receive Community Prayer Times, Shira News and more through the NEW Kanissa News WhatsApp Broadcast. This Free Service is available by Subscription Only and will be Limited to Less than Five Messages per week. To subscribe, please send a WhatsApp Message with your First & Last Name to (516) 350-0354.


Shalom Camp 2017

Shalom Camp 2017 is now open for Registration (516) 829-1435. July 3, 2017 - August 25, 2017.
Early Bird Prizes are in effect through May 17, 2017. Toddlers 9:30 -2:00: 8 weeks $2,060 - 6 weeks $1,600 - 4 weeks $1,090.
Nursery and Pre- K 9:30 – 3:00: 8 weeks $2,170 - 7 weeks $1,930 - 6 weeks $1,690 - 5 weeks $1,430 - 4 weeks $1,150. Submitted by Rozita Djourabchi.
Click Here for more Information and Official Flyer


We Connect - Mashadi Peer to Peer Confidential Support and Information Help Line

We are excited to announce the beginning of a new initiative for Mashadis in need of information and confidential help/advice. We are starting with four important areas of concern and we hope to expand into new areas. Anyone who needs a place to start and someone to talk to Confidentially in the following areas may contact the appointed liaisons. They will help you to connect with the proper health care professionals, surgeons, counseling, social workers, and various available social programs that may be available to you.

Click Here for Contacts and More Information

Submitted by Avital Rahmanan Raynor on behalf of the UMJCA Programming Commitee.


Diamond Earring and Tiffany Cufflink Found

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HaChodesh June 2017

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Central Board Announcement: Rabbi Yosef Bitton Available For Counseling

Rabbi Yosef Bitton is available for counseling for any member of the community. Please, contact him preferably by email rabbibitton@yahoo.com or whatsapp (516) 382-4447. For more information please contact Allen Hakim.


Community Email Subscription Services

UMJCA is offering a variety of email subscription services for community members who want to be informed and be notified about community news. To subscribe to the email notifications of your choice, please go to www.kanissanews.com/subscribe