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Weekly Headlines of the United Mashadi Jewish Community of America


Candle Lighting: 7:56 pm

Shabbat Ends: 9:05 pm

Prayer Times


Fifth Annual UMJCA Charity Auction, July 15th 2018 at Temple Israel of Great Neck. Honoring Mr Behrooz Ben Hakimian and Mr Joe Hakimian


Shabbat and Weekday Minyanim in Las Vegas

The Mashadi Community will be having Shabbat and Weekday Minyanim during the Luxury and JCK Shows in Las Vegas at both The Mandalay Bay and The Wynn Hotel and a Special
Kiddush for Friday Night June 1st.

For schedules, contacts, Kiddush Info and Kosher Restaurants in Las Vegas Click Here

Submitted by Mikael Kavian


Friday Night Kiddush in Las Vegas

A Special Kiddush and Minyan has been organized in Las Vegas for Community Members on Friday Night, June 1st. The Dinner will be taking place at the Chocolate Lounge Sugar Factory, adjacent to the Fashion mall across from the Wynn Hotel. Mincha Services will begin at 7:35 pm followed by Arvit and Dinner. Open to All Community Members. Submitted by Omid Hakimi.


Special Thanks From Whatsapp Omer Reminder

The Whatsapp Omer Reminder Would Like To Thanks All Those Who Participated In This Year Mitzvah. We Would Especially Like to Thanks All the Sponsors. This Year the Amount of $36360.00 was raised towards the UMJCA Angel Fund. Thank You. Submitted by Shlomo Nouriely.


MYC Yearly Calendar Sponsorship

The Mashadi Youth Committee is looking for support from our dear members to bring to your homes our Mashadi Yearly calendar once again. With a $260 sponsorship your name
will be printed in the calendar in memoriam of beloved family members. To sponsor or for more information please email HaChodesh@gmail.com or call 516-482-0003.


Reaffirmation of Our Traditions (Takana) - Shabbat, June 9th at our Synagogues

As we do every year, there will be a special reading of the 'Takana' and commemorating the “Allahdadi Incident” in all Three Synagogues on Shabbat June 9. This Special Day has already become a Mashadi community Institution to remind us every year of our traditions (per the UMJCA by-laws) regarding intermarriage. Intermarriage poses the greatest threat to Jews in the USA and it is important to keep this Takana fresh in our minds. Special Programs are being organized at our Synagogues to remember this Historic Day. For more information please contact, Jonny Hazghian, Ephraim Aminoff or Arezou Tolou Hakimian. Click Here for the Takana document and the Allahdadi Incident Brochure by Shalom Week


Friendship Circle Walkathon - June 17th

Come join us for the annual Friendship Circle Walkathon on June 17th at 1:00 pm. The walk starts at 54 Steamboat Road, Mashadi Jewish Center and a double-decker bus will be available for those who can't walk. It finishes at Chabad with a Color Run, a BBQ, a massive carnival, a raffle and so many other surprises!!! For details and register at www.Walk4FriendshipGN.com
For any question, you can call 516-654-6000. For more info please contact Rachel Levian 516-770-9684.Click here for Flyer and more Info


Queens Hatzolah Men’s Event – Monday, July 23

Featuring: OHAD - Yedidim Choir - The Aaron Teitelbaum Symphonic Orchestra - Lavish Grand BBQ – Raffle - Wine Tasting and much more... $180 per person. RSVP:
For more info they can contact Netanel Levy @ 917-282-2649
Click here for Flyer and more Info

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Names, Not Numbers – Monday June 18

An incredible Program by students of NSHA including many “Mashadi” students who created a professional quality documentary comprised of oral testimonies of Shoah survivors. We encourage everyone to come as it is a truly remarkable project. Submitted by Johnny Hazghian. Click here for Flyer and more Info



This year we have 24 riders from our community riding 180 miles to help Chai Lifeline. An organization grown from a small community based summer camp program for children with cancer to one of the preeminent international health support networks supporting seriously ill children, their families, and communities. Please visit www.bike4chai.com/Team/View/63312 to see the list of riders. Submitted by Nick Kamali


Come Join Sara For the First Ever Crutch Walk!!!!

Sunday June 10, 2018.
HODS - Halachic Organ Donor Society.
Click Here to Support, Sponsor and More Information
Submitted by Oren Bezalely


2018 Mashadi Open Tennis Tournament

The summer tournament for community members. Singles & Doubles. We are also looking for volunteers to help us organize the tournament. Ages 16 and up (please specify singles, or doubles, or both). Also: if we have enough sign ups we will also organize a Women’s Tournaments! Please let us know if you are interested. Cost: FREE . Registration deadline: Friday May 25th, 2018. All players are to schedule their games with time & location of their choice, within the allocated time frame. Please email mashaditennis@gmail.com to signup: For any questions, please contact one of the following: David Karimzadeh (david@karimzadeh.com), Alex Rahmani (alexander.rahmani@gmail.com), Simon Kashfi (simonkashfi@me.com), Igal Nassim (igal.nassim@gmail.com)


Community Members with Dr and Mrs Yosef Perez from Israel Schneider Children Hospital

UMJCA Yom HaAtzmaot Party

Yom HaAtzmaot Party raised part of the funds for a room dedication at Schneider Children Hospital in Israel, in honor of "United Mashadi Jewish Community of America”. We are looking for one or two families who would like to share their names on the Plaque by co sponsoring it. For more Information contact Farshid Liviem. Click here to View the Picture

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MYC Memorial Day BBQ

Join MYC for our FREE annual Memorial Day BBQ this year, Monday, May 28th from 12-5 at Kings Point Park! Come in from the entrance on Redbrook Rd. There will be food, music, spikeball, kanjam, madkot, soccer, football, corn hole and more! Open to singles college age and up. Submitted by Nathan Kashizadeh. Click here for Flyer and more Info

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Traveling To Israel This Summer? Need Phone and Internet Solution?

A Special Service to the Community by the Organizers of the “Discovery Trip to Israel”

You can place your order by clicking on the link
Click here for Flyer and more Info
Submitted by Yossi Nassimi



Shaare Shalom - Mashadi Jewish Center

Celebrating the Wedding of Nicole to Elisha Mordechai
Celebrating the Engagement and Shir-Lamalot of Roxanne Davoudzadeh to Michael Calderon
Celebrating the Engagement and Shir-Lamalot of Sarit Bassal to Emanuel Nissim
Celebrating the birth of the newborn baby Girl Hayden Tzipora Hakimian, born to Nadine and Nikki Hakimian

Ohr Esther - Young Mashadi Jewish Center

Celebrating the Torah Reading by Jeremy Dilmanian, Son of Annette & Poya Dilmanain

Shaare Rachamim

Celebrating the birth of the newborn baby Girl Yael Chana, born to Esther and Jason Rahmanim
Celebrating the birth of the newborn baby Girl, born to Rachel and Doron Dilmanian

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Central Board Announcement: Rabbi Yosef Bitton Available For Counseling

Rabbi Yosef Bitton is available for counseling for any member of the community. Please, contact him preferably by email rabbibitton@yahoo.com or whatsapp (516) 382-4447. For more information please contact Allen Hakim.


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