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Weekly Headlines of the United Mashadi Jewish Community of America


Candle Lighting: 7:41 pm

Shabbat Ends: 8:47 pm

Prayer Times

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Rabbi Bitton @ Shaare Rachamim this upcoming Shabbath

Shaare Rachamim Board invites the community to join us this Shabbath as Rabbi Bitton will be with us in honor of Rosh Chodesh Elul. He will be speaking Friday night, Shabbath Morning and during Seudah Shlishi. Hope to see you there. Submitted by Benny Hematian.

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Religious Council Announcement:

Middle Neck Glatt, located at 501 Middle Neck Rd, is again under the supervision of Vaad Harabonim of Queens. Submitted by Robert Livi.


Ohr Esther is proud to announce a new Express Early Minyan:

Baruch She'amar will be at 8:30 AM sharp and we plan to finish by 10:30 AM Every week, in the Senior Lounge. All ages are welcome.


Siyum Masechet at Shaare Shalom this Shabbat

Everyone is invited to join Rabbi Ben Haim this Shabbat for Siyum Masechet with a Colbeh Kiddush. Submitted by Farshid Liviem.

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Suppper Father and Son this Minyan Sunday @ 9:30 am

Special ROSH CHODESH Edition with Prizes. Don’t miss out and tell your friends to come. The best time to spend with your children.

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Sephardic Shabbaton at Shaare Rachamim – Aug 10

Please join us in welcoming Rav Darmoni from Netiv Aryeh for the annual Sephardic Shabbaton shabbat August 10th at Shaare
Rachamim. Meals are open to all alumni and alumni’s parents please contact Yoav Arjang at 516-695-7606 to reserve your spot. Minyanim and shiurim times with the Rabbi to be announced


Special Chizuk for Chodesh Elul!

Join Sephardic Bet Midrash in welcoming Rabbi Meir Eliyahu from Israel this Thursday, August 16th. Light dinner served at 8pm followed by lecture in Hebrew promptly at 8:30 followed by late Arvit. Don’t miss out on this special opportunity. Submitted by David Aziz. Click here for Flyer and more Info


2nd Annual Mashadi Siyum HaShas at Chabad of GN on Aug 20th.

We would like to congratulate all the participants of the second annual Mashadi Siyum HaShas. Over 140 members of our community have dedicated the last year to jointly finish the entire Talmud. The siyum will take place at Chabad of Great Neck on Monday evening, August 20 at 7:30 pm. For more info and for all reservations please contact Ziv Livian or Moshe Enayatian


Community Sefer Torah Dedication Ceremony

A 30 centimeter Community Sefer Torah is finished. A Special Dedication Ceremony will be on Sunday September 16 from 10 am to 12 noon. This Sefer Torah is made in a very small size for travel purposes, like Miami Beach for Passover, Las Vegas and Tuscan Shows, or trips to hotels or Home Levayot. You can dedicate one of the 54 Parashas for yourself or a loved one, the name of your parasha and your name will go on the plaques on the Sefer’s cover. Submitted by Farshid Liviem.

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The Ten Commandments of Parenting” By Rabbi Bitton

Please join us for a two-part series on The Ten Commandments and listen to an interesting spin on how each one relates to parenting! Part 1 of the series, the first Five Commandments, will be held at the home of Dina and Kami Kalaty on Wednesday 8/29 at 7:30PM, and Part 2 will take place on Wednesday 9/5 at 7:30PM (location TBD). Submitted by Joseph Kamali.


Dr. David Pelcovitz: Special Lecture at Shaare Rachamim – Sun, Aug 19

As many of our young children attend camps and schools in a new generation, it is imperative that we educate both ourselves and our children on how to combat many of life's challenges. One such challenge that is often neglected is the rise of child abuse in the Jewish community. Join us as we welcome world renowned Psychologist and Lecturer, Dr. David Pelcovitz to discuss information we need to know to help our children stay safe by providing them with the tools and skillsto combat abuse. Lecture will be held at Shaare Rachamim on Sunday,August 19th at 8:30 PM. Light refreshments will be served. For more information contact Emil Ben-David. Click here for Flyer and more Info


Dear community member:
We are looking forward to celebrating the High Holidays soon. Again, many community members have requested that we continue the Yom Kippur services at the Huntington Hilton. As before, Lederman caterers will provide pre and post fast meals.
This year due to space constraints by Hilton Hotel, we have booked a limited number of rooms. We must finalize with the hotel, the number of rooms we need early on. We are, therefore, requesting that all interested community members make their reservation as early as possible. Click here for Flyer and more Info


New Offices for Rabbi Bitton and Rabbi Maroof

Rabbi Bitton’s office has moved to Shaare Rachamim @ 695 Middle Neck Road. For any questions & consulting needs please see him at his new office or contact him @ ‭(516) 382-4447‬ to set up a meeting.
Rabbi Maroof’s office has moved to Ohr Esther @ 130 Steamboat Road. For any questions or meeting needs please see him at his new office or contact him @ (301)-357-0129.
Submitted by Allen Hakim


Fall 2018 registration for UMJCA Programming will open ONLINE

Fall 2018 registration for UMJCA Programming will open ONLINE at www.mashadi.org/programs/ on Wednesday, August 29th at 4pm. If you do not have anaccount, please create one for you and your family before registration opens. Classes include Basketball, Dance, Soccer, Cooking Demos, Fitness classes and more! The Fall 2018 Program Guide will be available mid August. We will be available to assist those who need help with online registration on Wed, Aug 29th from 4 - 7pm at Ohr Esther. For further info, please email avital@mashadi.org.


Gym Minyan Summer BBQ

The Gym Minyan had their first ever Summer BBQ which was a tremendous success! Close to 200 kids came and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at the home of Mitchel and Haleh
Benilevi (parents of Brandon, Chloe, Isabelle, & Bradley) with a full BBQ, drinks, games, sports, and a bounce castle all free of charge! We would like to thank the Benilevi family for their generous hospitality and everyone who helped make the event such a tremendous success. Submitted by David Kordvani


MYC Summer Getaway

MYC’s Annual Summer Getaway is back and better than ever!! From August 17-19 we’ve booked Camp Lavi for a weekend you’ll never forget! You’ll be driving dune buggies, chilling by the lake and pool, climbing the rock wall, sniping people with paint balls, running the ropes course high up in the trees, running on the water obstacle course, being pulled around the lake by the speed boat and SO MUCH MORE! To reserve your spot, Venmo @MYCofficial or contact any MYC member. Open to the singles of the community. Article Courtesy of HaChodesh. . Click here for Flyer and more Info

Dr Farrokh Dilmanian

Major International Award to Dr Farrokh Dilmanian

Last week the International Association of Top Professionals indicated that they have honored Dr Dilmanian as their Top Research Scientist of the Year for 2018. They will also be making a press release and once launched will be picked up by CBS ABC FOX NBC CW and many other media outlets. IAOTP will having an award gala on December 15th at the Plaza Hotel in NYC. We congratulate Dr. Farrokh Dilmanian on this achievement and wish him success in his future endeavors. Submitted by Mansour Karimzadeh. Click Here for the Press Release



Please join us at Shaare Rachamim this summer for Mincha and Arvit, followed by learning. The Minyan will run throughout the summer. Mincha starts 7:10 pm sharp. For more information, please contact Josh LeVian at 516-423-9355. Click Here For SBM July Schedule

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Shaare Shalom - Mashadi Jewish Center

Celebrating the birth of the newborn baby Girl, born to Vanessa and Michael Livi
Celebrating the birth of the newborn baby Boy, born to Adina and Rafael Livian

Ohr Esther - Young Mashadi Jewish Center

Celebrating the Bar-Mitzvah Torah Reading by Jeremy Davoodzadeh, Son of Angela and Alen Davoodzadeh

Shaare Rachamim

No Shiras were reported at Shaare Rachamin for this Shabbat

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Weekly Newsletter of the Mashadi Jewish Community of Milan. Clicca qui per Noam News

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Town Minyan Friday Nights

It has been over 15 years that the Town Minyan started at the MYC office. This Minyanhas grown to a very successful morning minyan where weekly shacharit services are popular. We also started a Friday Night minyan at the same time. Although we have been having this minyan for the past 15 years and normally do have a minyan, we have not become as strong as the morning minyan. There are many people who live in town and near the Town Minyan location in Great Neck Road, but do not attend our own minyan. Many attend other non-community minyans, many travel to Steamboat Road and many just do not attend. During these summer weeks we have been struggling to have a minyan on Friday nights and have had to cancel the services two weeks in a row. If this continues, it will be the first Mashadi community minyan that has to close because of lack of attendees. We urge all those who are in the vicinity to attend this minyan. This is a child friendly minyan with people bringing their small children to the services. The services on Friday nights start at the same time as at Shaare Shalom, currently during the summer months at 7:15 PM. Hope to see many of our community members there. Submitted by Mansour Karimzadeh.


Yeshiva Scholarship Applications

The deadline for submitting applications for the Yeshiva Scholarship is August 15 and applications will not be accepted after this date.
The Yeshiva Scholarship Applications for academic year 2018-2019 is now available.
Click Here for the Instructions to Fill out the Yeshiva Application
Click Here for the Yeshiva Application


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Shalom Week Wedding Pictures

Shalom Week

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