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Weekly Headlines of the United Mashadi Jewish Community of America


Candle Lighting: 6:02 pm

Shabbat Ends: 7:08 pm

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On Sunday November 17th, 2019, the Supervisory Council of the United Mashadi Jewish Community of America will hold elections for the 15 member Central Board of Directors of the UMJCA as well as the 7 member Synagogue Boards of Shaare Shalom, Ohr Esther and Shaare Rachamim Synagogues. All nominees for the Central Board must be at least 36 years of age, and candidates for Synagogues must be over 26 years of age. Nominations are open to eligible candidates.

To make your Nomination, Please fill out this Form.

For more information please contact us at mashadisc2019@googlegroups.com

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Central Board Announcement

Dear Community members,
The Central Board of UMJCA, we would like to wish everyone a Chag Sameach and Gmar Chatima. As we approach Simchat Torah, we would like to remind all community members that UMJCA Central Board instituted a ban on all alcohol (this includes wine, hard alcohol, etc) on September 27th, 2016. Since then our Community has shown an overwhelming support for this alcohol ban. This ban in our centers is for the benefit of our youth and helps our community members set a great example to our children and community as a whole. Since the Central Board instituted the ban, we have seen extraordinary positive changes in our community and have set a wonderful example of leadership in the Jewish Community and to our fellow synagogues and communities in Great Neck. We have spoken to all our dear Rabbis and especially our Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Ben Haim and they all support the ban of alcohol in our centers as it is for the benefit of our community and youth. Again, we would like to wish everyone a Chag Sameach and thank you all from UMJCA Central Board for your cooperation and support.
UMJCA Central Board.

Click Here to View the Official Central Board Letter

Submitted by Allen Hakim


8th Annual UMJCA Simkha Torah Raffle

PLEASE CONTACT ANY GABBAYIM AT YOUR SYNAGOUGES TO PURCHASE TICKETS OR CALL (516) 225-1761 OR (516) 263-9480. Click Here for the Flyer and More Info

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Etrog & Lulav Sale at our Synagogues

The sale will continue at Shaare Shalom on: Friday Oct 11 and Sun Oct 13 during regular minyan hours.The set will cost $30 and includes: Lulav, Etrog, Hadassim & Aravot. Sales are on first-come, first-serve basis only, and we strongly urge everyone to buy their sets on time. You can also preorder your sets starting at $36 by sending an email, text or WhatsApp. For more info, please contact Adam Liviem at (516) 993-2839 or at
gnlulavetrog@gmail.com. Additional variety at 7 Gilbert (across from Kanissa)

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Special Make-up session - Whoever missed their chance to say a Barcha Torah on Yom Kippur is invited to please do so on Simchat Torah, Tue 10/22.


Israel Night 2019 Thursday October 17

At Shaare Shalom, full Dairy Dinner at 7:30, Show begins at 8:30, Limited tickets are available. Tickets are $36, at the door $50, VIP Early access tickets are $100, purchase from 54 office, Arezou Hakimian Tolou, Odelia Namdar and Farshid Liviem. Mashadi’s Got Talent competition, Behrooz and Eby Comedy Team, Herbert Livi’s interview with a community elder; Agha Mollah Ebrahim Bassal “Memories of Mashad”. All proceeds will go to Schneider Children Medical Center in Petach Tikva Israel on behalf of UMJCA. Submitted by Farshid Liviem.

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Central Board Announcement

Rabbi Maroof will be available for counseling by appointment Sunday and weekdays until 12, please email him at rjmaroof@yahoo.com or call/text him at 301-357-0129. Submitted by Allen Hakim.

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Central Board Announcement

Rabbi Mosheh Aziz is now our new Jewish Education Director and will be adding classes to his schedule. Further, he will available and attending Mincha and Arvit services, weekdays at Shaare Shalom. Submitted by Allen Hakim

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Kids Sukkah Party at Ohr Esther

Join us Tuesday Oct 15th, on the 2nd Day of Sukkot for a kids sukkah party at Ohr Esther. There will be lots of bistro chicken, poppers, and candy for all the kids. Best day of the year for the kids, you don't want to miss it! Sponsored by Sandy and Babak Zar. For more info please contact Aaron Karmily at (516)423-2289 or akarmily@gmail.com

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Shabbat Together

Seudah Shelishi Program at Shaare Rachamim.

Mincha at 5:30 pm
Ladies Class at 5:15 pm.
Men Speakers: Andy Kalatizadeh and Yaakob Bitton
Women Speakers: Elisheva Hakimian


Dinner and Dancing - Simchat Torah Night at Ohr Esther

Join us on Simchat Torah Night at Ohr Esther for a fun night of Dinner, Dancing with Torahs and fun prizes and treats for kids. For all Singles, Married, Men, Women and Kids of all ages. Lots of food and FREE of charge, so come one come all. Mincha followed by Arvit, Hakkafot and joyful Dancing.. Submitted by Tony Aziz.

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Sefer Syium on Shmirat Halashon at Shaare Rachamim - Friday Oct 18

You are kindly invited to a the Syium Sefer on Shmirat Halashon on Friday Oct 18th by our young guys who learned in the MYC Town Minyan. Baruch Sh’Amar at 7:00 am followed with a Special Breakfast by Ship Delight. Submitted by Daniel Namdar.

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Bring your children to Shaare Shalom (54 Steamboat Rd) or Ohr Esther (130 Steamboat Rd.) or Shaare Rachamim so that they can receive a blessing (Mishaberach) under the large Tzitzit on Simchat Torah (Tuesday Oct 22nd). Everyone who participates will receive a GOODY BAG (sponsored by the Kordvani family and prepared by Mrs. Nili Aminoff & Family



Azaria Levy Azizollahoff, profound scholar of Mashadi History has passed away in Jerusalem at age 98. Azaria Levy Azizollahoff, , spent 6 months in London Libraries going through hundreds of Reports of British officers, consuls and Foreign Office representatives, who were stationed in Meshed or other Iranian cities during the time of our community’s hiding. His contribution to the research of our community’s history is invaluable. Submitted by Bahman Kamali on behalf of the Mashadi Histoty and Heritage Committee.

Click Here for Azaria Levy Azizollahoff 'ZL" Eulogy
Click here for Azaria Levy Azizollahoff 'ZL"Bio

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Moed Bini @ Shaare Rachamim - Shabbat Oct 19

The Board of Shaare Rachamim would like to invite the entire community to join us for our annual Moed Bini with “Ghelghelat” this upcoming Shabbath, Oct 19th


Important Updates in our Community Calendar Rules

As our community is one big family and in an effort to streamline our community party calendar, the Central Board has revised the community guidelines for reserving parties. It is our wish that this process is fair to all, but we ask all community members to understand that there must be an order of priority for all events and non-conflicting times. We wish everyone the best for their smachot and hope to always be able to share in each others' happy occasions.. Submitted by Nasi Gorjian. Click Here to View the New Community Calendar Rules



The UMJCA Security Committee would like to remind everyone of the following safety precautions for pedestrians:
1) Always walk on the sidewalk not the road.
2) If there is no sidewalk, then walk SINGLE FILE facing oncoming traffic.
3) Wear light-colored clothing as well as a yellow belt and/or orange safety jacket. If raining then wear the white raincoats.
4) If crossing a main road, then only cross where there is a traffic light.
5) At night, plan your trip so that it is the safest route. This may mean going to the closest synagogue.
When leaving by car after Yom Kippur, take your time. Do not rush. The minute you save by rushing makes no difference after 25 hours. Remember just because you can see a car does not mean that the driver can see you. UMJCA Security Committee. Submitted by Ephraim Aminoff


AIPAC Special for Our Synagogue

Washington DC Policy Conference – March 1-3
Submitted by Khandan Kalaty
Click Here for the Flyer and More Info
Click Here for the Registration Info


Sukkahs for Sale at Kings Point Florist

A selection of Sukkahs in different sizes will be displayed all week at Kings Point Florist, 803 Middle Neck Rd, Great Neck, NY until Sukkot, For more info please contact Yossi Namdar at (516) 642-1435



Submitted by Allen Hakim
Click Here for High Holy Days General Safety Tips Flyer

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IVREAD is back

IVREAD is back and excited to start our fall term! Our first night will be on Monday, October 28 and will again be on MONDAYS FOR 8 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS FROM 8:30pm - 9:30pm. Once again we will be having levels for: Re-learning alef-bet, improving Hebrew reading, learning what to say and why in Kanissa on Shabbat, advanced level for ladies, weekday prayers or Chazanut (men only). Registration can simply be done by filling out the info on the link here: https://forms.gle/aCfGMp7AuRCPoUGq9
Submitted by Stephanie Aziz

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ClubMJC is back for an exciting new year! For sponsorship or any questions, please email Natasha: clubmjckids@gmail.com. Click Here See the FullSschedule


Collecting Kapparot Money

Over 3000 chicken will be distributed to needy families in Jerusalem in these 3 weeks from Mashadi community of New York We will be collecting Kapparot money till Erev Yom Kippur for this worthy cause. Submitted by Farshid Liviem. Click Here To View Distribution Pictures from Israel

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Free 10 Day Vacation this Winter in Israel

Last chance for all the college age Mashadi youth that visited Israel with the Mashadi tour in 2017-18-19 to signup for a free 10 day vacation this winter, for more information go to https://www.israelfreespirit.com/ Submitted by Farshid Liviem


Nefesh B’Nefesh is visiting USA

Their first stop is in Great Neck on Sunday November 10 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am open to public discussions questions and answers, from 12:00 to 5:00 pm for individual families with different needs for 30 minutes appointments call Farshid Liviem 516-851-9236. Nefesh B’Nefesh is the Main Aliyah Organization in Israel today.

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Join our Israeli heroes, the wounded IDF veterans, for Shabbat Seudah of life altering true stories and heroism with our Israeli wounded soldiers. Shabbat November 16 at Shiraz Restaurant. For more information please contact Sarah Rahmanan. Click Here for the Flyer and More Info


IAJF NY 18th Annual Gala

Join us for an Evening of Empowerment. Keynote Speaker Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the United Nations (2017-2019) Tuesday, November 19th at the Lincoln Center in New York City. Submitted by Allen Hakim. Click Here for the Official Flyer and More Info



Mashadi Bikkur Cholim is a network of volunteer Mashadi organizations working together to help community members and their families in critical times of need. Our philosophy is that someone has been through this before. We can be there to help make it a little easier for you and your family. 8 divisions include Medical Referrals, Bikkur Cholim (visiting the sick), Social Services, Senior Services, Cancer Support, Fertility Network, Individuals with Special Needs and Mental Health Services. All calls are strictly confidential. 516-340-0110. Follow @MashadiBikkurCholim on Instagram. For more information please contact: Dr Ariel Nassim, Brain Hakimian, Neda Behnam, Melody Aziz and Eddie LeVian. Click Here to View the Brochure and More Info


All Inclusive Wedding Package

SPECIAL ALL INCLUSIVE WEDDING PACKAGE WITH LEDERMAN CATERERS. The Marriage Committee would like to inform all community members about an all-inclusive wedding package available to community members. Package includes: 400 guests, reception food, sit down dinner, DJ entertainment, photography & video, flower decorations. $20,000 discounted rate for the Mashadi Community. Submitted by Shelby Hakimian.

Click Here for the All Inclusive Wedding Package


UMJCA Foundation for Support for IDF Soldiers

To strengthen our bond to Israel and further connect the Mashadi communities throughout the world, we will be running a fundraiser for the 3rd year to honor active Mashadi soldiers who presently are serving in the IDF. Each soldier will receive a symbolic gift of 1000 NIS along with a letter of
recognition/appreciation, during a ceremony that will be held on December 28, 2019 in Hertzliya, Israel. This year’s program is in honor and memory of late Parviz and Hekmat Roubeni for their generous help to many Mashadi and Zionistic causes. This soldier honoring ceremony is organized by Vaad Merkazi. For more information please contact Albert Bassal. Click Here for the Official Flyer and More Info


New Tzedaka Boxes at Shaare Shalom

The NEW Tzedada are ready for pick up at Shaare Shalom. You can drop off your old Tzedaka Box and pick up the new ones at the Shaare Shalom Office. For more information, please contact Minoo Hakimian.
Click Here for the Front View of the New Tzedaka Boxes
Click Here for the Back View of the New Tzedaka Boxes

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Shaare Shalom - Mashadi Jewish Center

Celebrating the Birth of the Newborn Baby Girl, born to Penina and Ben Kelaty

Ohr Esther - Young Mashadi Jewish Center

Celebrating the Bar-Mitzvah Torah Reading by Kellen Hakimi, Son of Marina and Farhad Hakimi

Shaare Rachamim

No Shiras were reported at Shaare Rachamim for this Shabbat.

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