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Weekly Headlines of the United Mashadi Jewish Community of America


Candle Lighting: 4:09 pm

Shabbat Ends: 5:17 pm

Prayer Times

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New Motze Shabbat Shiur with Rabbi Ben Haim

Rabbi Ben Haim will be continuing his New Weekly Motze Shabbat Shiur this week, right after Havdala at Shaare Shalom. Topic is Shulchan Aruch Laws of Tzedaka. All are invited to attend. For more information contact Rabbi Mosheh Aziz

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Great Neck Park District Commissioners Elections – Tue, Dec 10, 2019

UMJCA Public Affairs Committee Announcement: The Great Neck Park District will be holding their elections for 1 of the 3 Park Commissioner seats this Tuesday December 10th between 1-9 pm. We urge all community members in the Park District to come out and vote. For many years, the Mashadi community has asked the Park District to not schedule the kids sporting activities on Saturday morning (conflicting with our Shabbat morning services) as well as many other services. It is very important that our community members vote. The polling stations are: Great Neck House for Kings Point, Village of Great Neck, Strathmore and Saddle Rock Estates. Great Neck Senior Center (Grace Avenue) for Great Neck Plaza and Kensington. Please spread the word and please make sure to vote! Submitted by Khandan Kalaty.

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Americana Manhasset and Wheatley Plaza

Support the UMJCA when you shop at Americana Manhasset! Americana Manhasset and Wheatley Plaza invite you to participate in Champions for Charity® from December 4th through December 7th. They will donate up to 25% to the UMJCA when you shop at their stores during those dates. To register before you shop, please go to: championsforcharity.org or visit concierge desk at Americana Manhasset. Proceeds from "Champions for Charity" are allocated to the UMJCA Youth Programming. The Religious Council respectfully requests that our community members avoid any food establishments that lack kosher supervision at all times and especially during the Champions for Charity Drive. Click Here for the Flyer and More Info


Mashadi Bikkur Cholim in association with Fountain of Kindness Has sponsored a Channukah Haggigah

Please join us on Sunday December 15 at Highfield Gardens care center, 199 Community Drive Great Neck from 2-4 pm for a fun afternoon with activities for kids and adults while putting a smile on the face of the elderly. Open to all ages and gender. Submitted by Ramin Mardkha on behalf of Mashadi Bikkur Cholim. Click Here for the Official Flyer and More Info



The entire community is invited for services at Shaare Rachamim on Shabbat, December 21st, for a special Tehillim reading for the refuah shleima of all the Cholim of the community followed by a Grand Meat Kiddush in honor of Dorina Kalaty and her dedicated class who have been learning Torah together weekly for four years. Special lecture for women by Dorina Kalaty after kiddush. This event is sponsored by the Shaare Rachamim Board and the Hematian Family. Submitted by Tara Kohanim. Click Here for the Flyer and More Info

2020-2021 Registration Prices Flyer

Shalom Early Childhood Center: TUITION FEES 2020-2021

Pre-Toddler: $8,050 - Toddler: $8,150 - Nursery: $8,250 – Pre K: $8,450 – Kindergarten - $10,250. Sibling Discount: $500 - Early Bird Discount Special : $300 off these prices through January 16, 2019. A deposit of $750 (included in tuition price) is required to hold the spot for your child. Call to schedule your tour (516) 829-1435, 130 Steamboat Road, Great Neck NY 11024. shalomkids@gmail.com Submitted by Rozita Djourabchi. Click Here for the Flyer and More Info


Left to Right: Yosef Hekmati, Mordechai Siouni, Joshua Aziz

MARVA: Experience the IDF in Eight Weeks!

Marva is a unique 8 weeks military program to experience Israel through eyes of the IDF. It’s a Two months program for foreigners that simulates basic training in the IDF. Where you have a commander, carry M16, wear uniform and do military exercises like in the army. Every year a few mashadi boys have joined Marva and all agree that its "One of the Best Experiences of their lives". Applicants must come from outside Israel between ages 18-25 (17 must have parental consent). Marva is a mentally and physically demanding program, applicants must be highly motivated. All meals are kosher, Shabbat is observed on base, and there is time for prayer every day. Cost is $1735 for 2 months (includes: uniforms, m16, food 3 times a day, transportation, sleeping arrangements, kotel and grand ceremonies at the end of the program for all parents to come and see there boys as soldiers). Daily routines includes: carrying M16, uniform, waking up early, being on time, strict discipline, military food, and being yelled at by your commander all day (oh and lots of pushups!). Website: Marvaisrael.org. Marva program starts: July 5-Aug 27, 2020. For more info please contact: Joshua Aziz (516) 418-4601, Mordechai Siouni (516) 423-0724, Yosef Hekmati (516) 427-8769 or Tony Aziz (516) 423-1891. Submitted by Simcha Siouni on behalf of IZC.


Saturday Night Family Learning Program @ 54 is ON from 7:00-8:00 pm

It's "Music Week" with music themed raffle prizes. This Week’s Sponsors are Payam Hezghia, Jonathan Hazghiyan, Assaf Yacobi in honor of Naamas birthday, Rama Nabavian in honor of Sydney’s birthday, Ronnie Kordvani in honor of his children and Ramin Hakimian in memory of his mother Leah bat Abraham. Snacks, Kahoot challenges and cool Raffle prizes every week. To sponsor FLP please contact Mr Mehran Enayatian For more info please contact Ayzik Kohan,
Fariborz Livian, Aharon Liviem or William Dilamani

ohe esther

Positions available for Shabbat Kids Program at Ohr Esther

Positions available for Shabbat Kids Program at Ohr Esther. To be considered contact Aaron Karmily at (516) 423-2289 or akarmily@gmail.com


Charity Committee Venmo Account

A New Venmo account has been setup for the UMJCA Charity Committee for Community members who wish would want to pay to Charity. Includes: Kuppot Tzedaka, Ashre Yoshve – Shequalim – Kapparot - Charity for Israel. The address is Umjca Charity @umjcacharityfund. Submitted by Moris Aziz.

toy drive

Mashadi Sisterhood Chanukah Toy Drive

Mashadi Sisterhood is proud to announce our Chanukah Toy Drive held at Shaare Shalom and Ohr Esther, November 10th to December 9th. Bins will be available for dropping off new unopened toys and books for families in need. All items will be donated to Tomchei Shabbat. Submitted by Lena Kevakeb. Click Here for the Flyer and More Info

adam ilian

VIDEO - Chai Lifeline

Dear friends,We would like to share this video with you of Adam Ilian, a Mashadi boy. Several years ago, he was diagnosed with cancer. Chai Lifeline was with Adam and his family every step of the way along his journey to recovery, offering year-round support and services, as well as an incredible summer experience at Camp Simcha. Chai Lifeline is there for other kids just like Adam, in our community and around the world. They will host their annual gala on December 9 and I encourage you to join me there in a show of support for this wonderful organization. Please RSVP or SUPPORT US BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK
Click Here for a Short Video
Submitted by Kami Kalaty

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Registration for Winter Camp 2019 is open!

Join us for 4 fun-filled days on December 23, 24, 26 & 27. For further info, email avital@mashadi.org. To register, please go to www.mashadi.org/programs/. Click Here for the Flyer and More Info


Earring found

Earring found in the lobby of Shaare Shalom on Thursday morning November 14. Please call 516-967-1825 with a description of the earring in order to retrieve it.

ping pong

Single's Table Tennis Tournament

All Ages are welcome. There will be a separate Junior League - Sunday January 5th. Starting at 3 PM Sharp. Just come with your paddle. No entries will be accepted after 3:30 PM - Ohr Esther, 130 Steamboat Road . $10 Entry. For more information Contact: Herzel Hakimi (516) 662-2913, Josh Livi 516-770-6087

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Siyum Hashas

The Siyum Hashas is the celebration of the completion of the “Daf Yomi” program, a daily page of gemara study lasting 7 1/2 years. The upcoming 13th cycle will be concluded on January 1, 2020 and will be celebrated at Metlife Stadium. This is a historic opportunity to learn and pray with over 85,000 Jewish people from around the world. Click here to buy tickets: https://www.thesiyum.org/ Submitted by David Zar



1-Cyrus Elian
2-Morris Aziz
3-Leon Ebrani
4-Rodney Rahmani
5-David Zar
For more information please contact Mika Hakimi at (516) 225-1761.

yeshivat har torah

Yeshiva Har-Torah Annual Dinner - Jan 10

Yeshiva Har-Torah, which has a big body of our students, is having their annual dinner, on January,11th 2020 at the Old Westbury Jewish Center. This year they will be honoring Danny Livi, Edo Livi, Simon Livi and their wives. If you wish to participate at the Dinner or like to support and greet the honorees please log into this link. https://hartorah.adjournal.com/ Submitted by Louis Ebrani

northwell health 2


UMJCA is proud to announce a collaboration between Nassau County’s largest employer, and our district representatives at the Town of North Hempstead. With over 10,000 current job openings, Northwell's employment needs are not only limited to the healthcare field. They are also actively pursuing prospective employees for clerical, finance, and management positions, as well as paid internships. Northwell is excited to tap into the diverse talent pool that is available within our own Mashadi Community and has provided us with a direct link for our community members' job applications. To apply for any available positions, simply visit the Northwell employment website at http://bit.ly/2Yk52dg . This link is unique to your community. When you are prompted to select your “source type”, please arrow down and select “Mailing List”; “UMJCA” will be your secondary option. This will enable them to link your application to our community and give it priority. For any questions or additional help feel free to contact Nasi Gorjian at 516-238-7700 or nasall1@aol.com; or Babak Kamali at 516-532-9255 or bob@icinyc.com

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ClubMJC is back for an exciting new year! For sponsorship or any questions, please email Natasha: clubmjckids@gmail.com. Click Here See the FullSschedule


UMJCA Foundation for Support for IDF Soldiers

To strengthen our bond to Israel and further connect the Mashadi communities throughout the world, we will be running a fundraiser for the 3rd year to honor active Mashadi soldiers who presently are serving in the IDF. Each soldier will receive a symbolic gift of 1000 NIS along with a letter of
recognition/appreciation, during a ceremony that will be held on December 28, 2019 in Hertzliya, Israel. This year’s program is in honor and memory of late Parviz and Hekmat Roubeni for their generous help to many Mashadi and Zionistic causes. This soldier honoring ceremony is organized by Vaad Merkazi. For more information please contact Albert Bassal. Click Here for the Official Flyer and More Info

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Shaare Shalom - Mashadi Jewish Center

Celebrating the Birth of the Newborn Baby Girl, born to Daniela and Robert Namdar

Ohr Esther - Young Mashadi Jewish Center

Celebrating the Birth of the Newborn Baby Boy, born to Donna and Tal Peri
Celebrating the Birth of the Newborn Baby Boy, born to Jamie and Nima Baratian
Celebrating the Torah Reading by Jake Hakimian, Son of Carly and Elan Hakimian

Shaare Rachamim

Celebrating the Bar-Mitzvah Torah Reading by Levi Enayatian, Son of Ashkan and Avigail Enayatian
Celebrating the Birth of the Newborn Baby Girl, born to Sara and Robert Nowbakht

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HaChodesh Monthly Newsletter

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Referendum and Election Results

Supervisory Council Announcement: On Sunday November 17th, 2019, the Supervisory Council of the UMJCA held elections of the Central Board, three Synagogue Boards and two referendums. A record number of over 1820 community members voted at the elections. We would like to wholeheartedly thank all the candidates and community members who have participated in this year's record-breaking elections.

UMJCA Referendum Results

2019 UMJCA Election Results