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Weekly Headlines of the United Mashadi Jewish Community of America


WEDNESDAY, Eve of Pesach – APR 8

■ Fast of First Born – Begins 5:00 am

You Can Break your Fast by joining any of the following Syumim - Click Here for the Full List

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■ Last hour to eat Chametz: 10:45 am

■ Last hour to dispose of Chametz: 11:45 am

■ Eruv Tavshilin

■ Candle Lighting: 7:10 pm

■ Suggested Seder Time: 8:00 pm


■ We Say Morid Hatal at Musaf Of First Day

■ Candle Lighting After: 8:00 pm - Second Seder


■ Candle Lighting: 7:12 PM


■ Candle Lighting: 7:16 PM


■ Candle Lighting After 8:06 PM


■ Passover Ends: 8:17 pm


Pre-Passover Garbage Drop Off – Wed, Apr 8

Every year the village of Great Neck has provided pre-passover garbage drop off behind ACE hardware parking lot. This year we will continue the same and ask everyone to leave their garbage in the trunk of their car and go to the garbage truck where our DPW personnel will take it from their trunk. There should be no contact between the residents and the DPW workers or residents with other residents. Please obey the process in orderly fashion. The truck will be there this Wednesday 4-8-2020 from 7am till 12 pm. Have a happy and safe passover. Submitted by Mayor Pedram Bral

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If you would like your Celebration and Picture listed in the Mazal Tov Page or Shalom Week, please email to kanisssanews@gmail.com, or holondon@aol.com, whatsapp/text to (516) 350 - 0354 by Wednesday Night


Whatsapp Sefirat HaOmer Reminder

Dear Friends and Family, Passover is just around the Corner and once again Whatsapp Sefirat Ha Omer Reminder will be available . If you are interested to subscribe for a reminder Via WhatsApp (only) For more information please contact Shlomo Nouriely

Please Click To The Following Links
Omer Reminder 2
If Full Then
Omer Reminder 3

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Keep Our Community Open While Our Centers Are Closed

The Central Board is working hard to minimize operational expenses to the bare minimum while we get through these hard times. We also anticipate the cash flow to be pressing even when we do open in the near future. Please give what you can to keep our centers, services and essential programs supported while we work hard to keep the community together even when our doors are closed. We encourage all those with outstanding Kavod balances to make payments. If you are paying against a past pledge, please specify the invoice number or just mention to apply to your account. If you are making a new pledge, THANK YOU! Your generosity is much appreciated. We pray that with the help of Hashem we shall overcome this circumstance and remain united as a community. We want to wish everyone in the community a Healthy and Happy Passover. Thank you.

Click Here for UMJCA Operations by the Central Board

census 2020

2020 Census

Town of North Hempstead Supervisor and the Public Affairs Committee would like to ask every member of our community to please participate in 2020 Census being conducted now. It is crucial to show our true population. If you have received the Census 2020 in the mail you can either complete it online on my2020census.gov or on paper questionaire which will be mailed to you at a later point. For questions regarding your 2020 Census questionnaire call 1-844-330-2020. Submitted by Khandan Kalaty. Click Here for the Official Flyer and More Info

tzedakah box

Virtual Tzedacha Box

Dear community members.
B”H We have a beautiful custom of giving Tzedakah every day in our community. Community members who would attend Minyanim would give whatever amount they want, even a dollar a day during Shacharit and/or Mincha, which is given to the needy. Over the past few weeks, we haven't had the opportunity to attend a Minyan but we have a venmo account for the Charity Fund, that community members can give into a "Virtual Tzedacha Box". Feel free to venmo any amount every day, and may the Mitzvah of Tzedakah keep us all safe and healthy B"H.
Venmo: @umjcacharityfund
You will be also able to venmo the amount contained of your TZEDAKA BOXES
For umjca boxes, please use @umjcacharityfund
For angel fund boxes please use @umjcaangelfund.
Submitted by Moris Aziz


Learning Together While Apart

UMJCA in conjunction with Shaare Shalom, Ohr Esther, Shaare Rachamim, SBM and MYC Present: "Learning Together While Apart". While we all try getting through these challenging times, the Rabbis and teachers in our community have agree to continue giving their Shiurim and Lectures through the internet. Using online platforms like Zoom and FaceBook Live, we are able to stay connected even while in isolation. With over 1500 participants this past week, we have decided to continue the virtual learning next week. Each day, there are 12-15 different Shiurim for both men and women.

To be notified of the Shiur times, topics and how to listen live, you can go to:

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- Join the Whatsapp Admin Only Chats.
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May our Community always stay united, and Be'ezrat Hashem, in the Zechut of our Torah Learning, may both our Community and the entire world be protected from the virus.
For more information please contact: Michael Livi (516) 782-7720 or Kelly Namdar (516) 996-6606


UMJCA Chesed - Elderly Supermarket Delivery Services

Dear Community Members, As one of the projects the Central Board was looking to put forth for the community, we are proud to announce the creation of the UMJCA Chesed Committee. The objective of this new committee will be to engage all members, old and young, to partake in various acts of chesed, such as soup kitchens, clothing drives, and the like on behalf of the Mashadi community. For it’s first initiative, given the current situation we are in, we are happy to announce that we are
coordinating food deliveries from Shop Delight and Everfresh for only those individuals over the age of 70 to protect the elderly and lessen the congestion in our grocery stores: Steps for Food Delivery:
1) Please call 516.350.8787 and leave a message for one of our members to call you back, or send an email
to chesed@umjca.org with the following information: a. Grocery Store (Shop Delight or Everfresh)
b. Your First Name, Last Name and Phone Number
c. The Delivery Address
d. The List of Items You Need
e. Your Credit Card Number, Expiration Date and Zip Code
2) We will contact and order the items on your behalf and provide your billing information. We will then reply to you or call you back with the total amount and date/time of delivery.
3) Volunteers for delivery will always wear protective masks and gloves and will not interact with the recipient. They will leave the box of items behind the door and ring the doorbell.
May the good deeds of our volunteers warrant the grace of Hashem to bring us out of this uncomfortable situation.
UMJCA Central Board.
Click Here for More Info - Flyer One
Click Here for More Info - Flyer Two


Antibody Harvesting for COVID-19 Patients

You Can Save A Life or Two! Thanks to the efforts of Mt Sinai Hospital, a blood donation van will be in the parking lot of Beth Hadassah Synagogue, right here on Steamboat Road in Great Neck. The main purpose of this drive is to harvest Antibodies from those that have recovered from COVID-19, even if they were asymptomatic. Blood from someone who recovered 3 days ago is extremely precious but any and all blood is important, even if received 1 or 2 weeks ago. To qualify, you must wait 21 days from your first fever, even if you were not officially diagnosed, as long as you believe you had the symptoms and a fever of a few days or more. If interested, please send a text to Shervin Mehdizadeh at (516) 298-6445

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Tremendous Success in the Recent World Zionist Organization (WZO) Election

The UMJCA Israel & Zionism Committee is proud to announce that the ZOA and Mizrachi both had tremendous success in the recent World Zionist Organization (WZO) election. ZOA went from 2,738 votes in 2015 to 10,313 votes in 2020 and Mizrachi went from 9,594 votes in 2015 to 21,698 in 2020! As a result, both slates significantly increased their number of delegates to the incoming World Zionist Congress (WZC). We believe the delegates appointed by these two slates will help address critical issues facing Israel and the Jewish people. Thank you to the community for participating in the WZO elections and to our volunteers, including Khandan Kalaty, Mehran Hakimian, and Eli Kashi, for dedicating for their time and efforts. Submitted by Shawn Hakimian on behalf the Israel & Zionism Committee.


Kosher Moshe NY

Kosher Moshe is Offering Full Glatt Kosher Persian Sephardi Cuisine for the Entire Passover Right here in NY.
Click Here for More info and Flyer
Submitted by Benny Hematian


Shiraz Shabbat Special

Shiraz will be offering Special Shabbat Delivery.
Click Here for the Shiraz Shabbat Delivery Menu
Submitted by Benny Hematian

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Passover Rice Information 2020

As per phone conversations with rice importers, Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Haiim has confirmed that the following brands of rice are 100% pure, no additives, or preservatives, or vitamins. Therefore, they are suitable for use for Passover. The following brands are: Colbeh – Deer – Devaaya – Dunar – Empire – Khazana – Kohinoor - Lal Qilla – Royal - Shahzada – Tilda – Zebra. Please contact your local rabbi for any questions. Please avoid using any enriched rice. Even though all these rices are pure, Jewish law requires that the rice be cleaned three times and washed thoroughly before use for Passover. Chag Kasher Vesameach. Submitted by Mojgan Liviem.

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Weekly Newsletter of the Mashadi Jewish Community of Milan. Clicca qui per Noam News

shalom week

Shalom Week Wedding Pictures

A Message from Shalom Week Editors:
Dear Reader, for obvious reasons, Shalom Week was not printed this week. However, it is available on Kanissa News online plus the wedding pictures. If you would like your Celebration and Picture listed on Shalom Week, please email to kanisssanews@gmail.com and holondon@aol.com or whatsapp/text to (516) 350 - 0354 by Wednesday Night.

Shalom Week

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