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Weekly Headlines of the United Mashadi Jewish Community of America


Candle Lighting 8:11 PM

Shabbat Ends: 9:19 PM



shaare shalom

If you need help or assistance in filling out the Registration Form, please contact Dani Namdar at (516) 695-9596.



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A Weekly NEW ZOOM class series For Women

Fridays at 7:00 pm
Women’s Kabalat Shabbat: “Words of Inspiration by Ladies and Girls of our Community

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Mashadi Business Network Zoom Event

The Mashadi Business Network series continues with 2 new exciting guests! Hear about their journeys through challenges and success on Wednesday night at 9:00 pm! Click Here for the Flyer and More Info

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Weekly Newsletter of the Mashadi Jewish Community of Milan. Clicca qui per Noam News


Preserve Your Story & Our Community's History!

Historian Dr. Hilda Nissimi is researching Mashadi Jews' stories and family histories, and their experiences of migration and absorption into the Jewish community in New York. We are looking for multi-generational Mashadis to interview for this project, including those born in and outside of Iran. If you would like to share your or your family's story, please reach out to Research Assistant Lerone Edalati at 516-244-6269 or lerone.edalati@gmail.com. Interviews will be conducted virtually and can be completely anonymous. Any help in locating documents, letters, personal memoirs or pictures would be deeply appreciated.

پروژه حفظ تاريخ مهاجرت جامعه مشهدی معاصر در نقاط مختلف دنيا

مورخ دکتر هیلدا نسیمی تحقیق در مورد تجربیات یهودیان چند نسل از جامعه مشهدی در زمینه مهاجرت و جذب جهانی به جوامع مختلف - ایالات متحده، اروپا، واسرائیل. این تحقیق به ما در درک بهتر تاریخ مشهدی ها در قرن بیستم و بيست و يكم کمک مى كند. ما برای اين پروژه احتياج به مصاحبه با نسلهاى مختلف جامعه مشهدی داريم. اگر شما یا هر کسی که می شناسید مايل است داستان مهاجرت خود یا خانواده خود را به نیویورک (یا مكانهاى دیگر) به اشتراك بگذارد، لطفاً به معاون پژوهشی ليرن عدالتى وستهايم، فرزند ديانا و داريوش عدالتى، مراجعه نماييد (lerone.edalati@gmail.com; 516-244-6269). مصاحبه ها بصورت مجازی انجام می شود و می تواند کاملاً خصوصى باشد. کلیه درخواستهای مربوط به مصاحبه به صورت محرمانه بر قرار خواهد شد

Rabbi Ezrahian

Rabbi Ezrahian Classes on Zoom

If you have missed the popular Rabbi Ezrahian Classes on Zoom, you can watch the recordings at http://kanissanews.com/rabbiezrahian

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NEW Central Board Update – May 21, 2020

Dear Community members: First and foremost, we hope you and your family are doing well and have been staying safe during these past few months. As always, we would like to extend our gratitude for your generous support of the United Mashadi Jewish Community of America, and wish you and your family success, health and happiness.
As you are aware, our centers have now been closed since March, and we have put all our efforts into minimizing our operating expenses as best as possible. As we prepare for our potential re-opening, we will need everybody's support and cooperation, as the process will take time and will be new to everyone. In order to get our centers back open, with our staff and security (even if not at full capacity), we will be counting on all past pledges to be paid, as well as new Kavods, so as to sustain the increase in expenses. We kindly ask that any unpaid balances, if possible, can be paid in full. In addition, any new donations would be greatly appreciated in any denominations. Your current statement will be arriving by mail in the coming days. If you have any questions regarding your existing account, please contact the synagogue office at 516-487-3636.

Past payments as well as new pledges can be made through the following methods:

a) sending a check to Shaare Shalom

b) through the Venmo app: @UMJCA

c) through our online fundraising page: www.gofundme.com/f/e7ytj-umjca-operations

Sincerely, UMJCA Central Board

Click Here for the Official Central Board Letter

Roy Nissany - Claire Williams

In this week's Shalom Week:

■ $87 Million Dollar Residence for Sale in Israel
■ Israel's First Formula One Grand Prix Driver

Go to www.kanissanews.com/shalomweek.pdf

shalom week


Shalom Week has been printed uninterrupted for over 25
years and distributed to many Synagogues. We are continuing to produce an issue every week on Kanissa News (also available on Facebook and Instagram). The Editors would like to thank Mrs. Mina Khordipour for volunteering to continue with her help in producing Shalom Week. Please spread the word to your family and friends that Shalom Week is available online and can be printed (before Shabbat!) for those who prefer a printed copy. If you would like your Mazaltov with a picture included, please email to kanisssanews@gmail.com and holondon@aol.com or whatsapp/text to (516) 350 - 0354 by Wednesday Night.

Shalom Week

Shalom Week Pictures 1

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A NEW Service by Kanissa News and Shalom Week


No Mazal Tov Celebrations were Reported this Week

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You can share your happiness with the Families or say Mazal Tov at:



If you would like your Celebration and Picture listed in the Mazal Tov Page or Shalom Week, please email to kanisssanews@gmail.com, or holondon@aol.com, whatsapp/text to (516) 350 - 0354 by Wednesday Night


Mr Bassalian Zoom Page

If you have missed the popular Mr Bassalian Classes on Zoom, you can watch the recordings at www.kanissanews.com/mrbassalian

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Sephardic Bet Midrash Presents:

SBM Daily Dose

Short, Powerful, and Life-Changing Daily Videos of Halacha, Inspiration & Parasha will be posted Every Single Day!

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WhatsApp: https://wa.me/15163870204?text=Add%20Me

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For More information please contact SBM Daily Dose: (516) 387-0204


Coping with closure: Rabbi Maroof Private Counseling

The stay at home order has had far reaching effects on so many of our personal, familiar, and even marital relationships. Rabbi Maroof is available by appointment for 15minute phone or zoom sessions, for those who need help coping. Contact Rabbi Joshua Maroof (301) 357-0129

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Virtual Sedaka Box

Dear community members.
B”H We have a beautiful custom of giving Sedaka every day in our community. Community members who would attend Minyanim would give whatever amount they want, even a dollar a day during Shacharit and/or Mincha, which is given to the needy. Over the past few weeks, we haven't had the opportunity to attend a Minyan but we have a venmo account for the Charity Fund, that community members can give into a "Virtual Sedaka Box". Feel free to venmo any amount every day, and may the Mitzvah of Tzedakah keep us all safe and healthy B"H.
Venmo: @umjcacharityfund
You will be also able to venmo the amount contained of your SEDAKA BOXES
For umjca boxes, please use @umjcacharityfund
For angel fund boxes please use @umjcaangelfund.
Submitted by Moris Aziz


Mashadi Bikkur Cholim

Mashadi Bikkur Cholim delivered over 1,500 Glatt Kosher meals to North Shore and Long Island Jewish hospitals in the peak of Covid-19 pandemic donated by Mashadi individuals. Our community was recognized and this letter of appreciation was received in recognition of our efforts and generosity. Mashadi Bikkur Cholim would like to thank the donors and specially the young volunteers who picked up the meals and delivered them. Submitted by Ramin Mardkha

Click Here for read Official Letter


You can now add AMAZON SMILE to your mobile apps

Registering with AmazonSmile gives .5% of all your amazon purchases back to UMJCA.

How to turn on AmazonSmile in the mobile app:

1) Join AmazonSmile - If you are not already an AmazonSmile member, sign up on your web browser: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/aw/ch/select?ie=UTF8&orig=Lz9yZWY9ZGF5b25lX3VzX3NtaWxlaG93dG9fMQ%3D%3D

Simply select "United Mashadi Jewish Community of America Inc" as your favorite charity to start generating donations, at no cost to you.

2) Get the app - Download or update to the latest version of the Amazon Shopping app on your phone. You can find it in the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.

3) Turn on AmazonSmile - Open the app and find ’Settings’ in the main menu (☰). Tap on ‘AmazonSmile’ and follow the on-screen instructions to turn on AmazonSmile on your phone.

As easy as 1-2-3 youre done. All of your future amazon purchases will have a portion donated back to UMJCA.

Submitted by Mika Hakimi


Learning Together While Apart

UMJCA in conjunction with Shaare Shalom, Ohr Esther, Shaare Rachamim, SBM and MYC Present: "Learning Together While Apart". While we all try getting through these challenging times, the Rabbis and teachers in our community have agree to continue giving their Shiurim and Lectures through the internet. Using online platforms like Zoom and FaceBook Live, we are able to stay connected even while in isolation. With over 1500 participants this past week, we have decided to continue the virtual learning next week. Each day, there are 12-15 different Shiurim for both men and women.

To be notified of the Shiur times, topics and how to listen live, you can go to:

- Kanissa News App - Updated Daily
- Apple Store Download
- Google Play Download

- Kanissa News Website- Updated Daily

- Join the Whatsapp Admin Only Chats.
Invite Link for Men Only Chat:
Invite Link for Women Only Chat:

May our Community always stay united, and Be'ezrat Hashem, in the Zechut of our Torah Learning, may both our Community and the entire world be protected from the virus.
For more information please contact: Michael Livi (516) 782-7720 or Kelly Namdar (516) 996-6606


UMJCA Chesed - Elderly Supermarket Delivery Services

Dear Community Members, As one of the projects the Central Board was looking to put forth for the community, we are proud to announce the creation of the UMJCA Chesed Committee. The objective of this new committee will be to engage all members, old and young, to partake in various acts of chesed, such as soup kitchens, clothing drives, and the like on behalf of the Mashadi community. For it’s first initiative, given the current situation we are in, we are happy to announce that we are
coordinating food deliveries from Shop Delight and Everfresh for only those individuals over the age of 70 to protect the elderly and lessen the congestion in our grocery stores: Steps for Food Delivery:
1) Please call 516.350.8787 and leave a message for one of our members to call you back, or send an email
to chesed@umjca.org with the following information: a. Grocery Store (Shop Delight or Everfresh)
b. Your First Name, Last Name and Phone Number
c. The Delivery Address
d. The List of Items You Need
e. Your Credit Card Number, Expiration Date and Zip Code
2) We will contact and order the items on your behalf and provide your billing information. We will then reply to you or call you back with the total amount and date/time of delivery.
3) Volunteers for delivery will always wear protective masks and gloves and will not interact with the recipient. They will leave the box of items behind the door and ring the doorbell.
May the good deeds of our volunteers warrant the grace of Hashem to bring us out of this uncomfortable situation.
UMJCA Central Board.
Click Here for More Info - Flyer One
Click Here for More Info - Flyer Two

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UMJCA Parties Calendar

During this difficult time we would like to encourage happy occasions and khoshees within our community. Therefore the Central Board has taken the initiative to help with scheduling these events, and to make it easier we have published the community calendar online. This calendar will be updated in real-time.

All rules will still be strictly enforced, with certain exceptions made to those affected directly in this Coronavirus time period.

For the remainder of 2020, only weddings and morning bar-mitzvahs can be reserved.

Please contact Mitra Heskia at mitraheskia@gmail.com to reserve a date. Reservation are confirmed only when you receive a confirmation email.


Click Here for the Central Board Calendar Rules and Guidelines

Submitted by Nasi Gorjian


Lederman Caterers

This Thursday, Friday, and Sunday Lederman Caterers is having 25% off all menu items for Memorial Day weekend. Glatt Kosher under the Star-K and Bet Yosef. To top all that off they are also providing Free delivery to any house in Great Neck. Must place order 24hrs before any delivery day! For more info please contact Leon at (516) 780-1580

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Colbeh Special Prime Shabbat Menu

Click Here


Shiraz Shabbat Special

Shiraz will be offering Special Shabbat Delivery.
Click Here for the Shiraz Shabbat Delivery Menu
Brooklyn Delivery - NEW
Shiraz Special Shabbat Menu Two
Submitted by Benny Hematian


Produce Food Delivery

Dear Community members,
We would be introduce a Produce (Fruits & Vegetables) NEW Company to our Community with FREE DELIVERY SERVICE. Prime Produce is operated with our own community members. We would like to ask your support by ordering and trying our competitive prices and premium quality Produce. For more information please contact Behzad (Gabriel) Behnam. Please click on the links below for our price lists and more information.

Prime Produce its a Private Initiative - Not Affiliated with UMJCA

Grocery List One

Grocery List Two


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