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Weekly Headlines of the United Mashadi Jewish Community of America


Candle Lighting 5:43 PM

Shabbat Ends: 6:50 PM



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UMJCA Public Affairs Committee Announcements:

Local Great Neck Library Elections

Dear Community Members, As we approach the election season, we would like to inform the community of the local election information. Local Great Neck Library Elections: This coming Monday, October 26th, is the Great Neck Library Election. We encourage all community members to vote in this election. The Library Election will be held from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM at the Main Library on 159 Bayview Avenue. As long as you are registered to vote for the general election or you have a valid library card, you are eligible to vote. Please vote to show our numbers for voting for the Great Neck Library Election.

General Election Information

Dear Community Members, As we approach the election season, we would like to inform the community of the general election information. General Elections - President of the United States, U.S. House New York District 3, NEW YORK STATE SENATE DISTRICT 7, NEW YORK STATE ASSEMBLY DISTRICT 16. You can find out your voting place, your registration status and you can vote early starting now in person until November 1st at designated polling places besides your normal voting place. You can get all this information at the following link: https://voterlookup.elections.ny.gov/ If you cannot or don’t want to vote in person either on Election Day Tuesday November 3rd 2020 or vote early in person by November 1st, 2020, you can also request an absentee ballot at the following link online: https://absenteeballot.elections.ny.gov/

Here are the dates and deadlines for absentee ballot request and submission.

Submitted by Allen Hakim on Behalf of the UMJCA Public Affairs Committee



Herd Immunity? We heard unity. One resilient community. Ohr Esther services =are outdoors, safe, socially distant, but spiritually close. But Acoustics are tough so QUIET DURING SERVICES PLEASE! Sat 9:30 AM.
Ohr Esther Joke of the week:
Q: Why is it so hard for women to choose where to eat?
A: Because Eve’s first choice (“the forbidden apple”) nearly doomed humanity…
SHALOM BAYIT TIP: Never take each other for granted… “Choose your spouse” every day!
Parsha Preview: NOAH! Noah builds an ark for his family & every pair of animals. Hashem brings a flood that eradicates all other life on Earth. The Earth is repopulated, and humans build the Tower of babel. G-d scatters the people and their language.

coty bitton

Rabbanit Coty Bitton NEW Torah class for the Women of our Community.

A new Torah class for women in the tent at Shaare Rachamim on Shabbat. (NEW TIME) 4:30 pm. Special Guest Speakers for this Shabbat: Miriam Behnam and Shaina Arjang.

book of shmuel

Book of Shmuel with Moshe Enayatian

The Popular Class with Moshe Enayatian at Shaare Rachamim will begin this Shabbat at 4:50 pm


Mashadi Bikkur Cholim Introduces CAPE

Mashadi Bikkur Cholim has been building relationships and negotiating for many months to be able to introduce CAPE to our community members. This will be a great benefit as the need for private therapy has increased during the pandemic, has been very hard to find, is expensive and usually not covered by insurance. CAPE has 12 licensed therapists, each specialized with decades of experience, as well as a psychiatrist and nurse practitioner who can dispense medication.

If you missed the informative Cape Zoom Session that took place Last Week, please click Here for the youtube video

How do you apply for services at CAPE?

Call: 718-224-0566 or email: cape@commonpointqueens.org. The CAPE coordinators will ask for your demographic information such as: name, address, phone contact, birthdate and insurance information. They will also discuss the primary reason you are contacting them. Please feel comfortable giving them this information and stating that you are part of the Mashadi Community. All information are kept strictly confidential. you will then be assigned a therapist who will contact you to intake your information and reason for your contacting CAPE which could take up to two sessions. After that, you will be assigned and matched to a psychotherapist who is usually the same therapist who initially contacts you but not always. Cape bills almost all insurance including Medicare and Medicaid. There will be a sliding scale for those who can not afford co-pay; which UJA will assist. No one who could benefit from Cape's services will be denied care for financial reasons. Submitted by Ramin Mardkha.


TORAH IN 20: A new ULTRA fast Parsha recap & lesson

Coming off a spiritual high from the holidays, but don’t know where to start? “I have no time to learn.” “I don’t want to leave my house.” “I’ll learn if its easy.” WE’VE GOT YOU!
An incredible new ZOOM shiur by Rabbi Adam Sabzevari. Structure: A recap of the Parsha, and then a life lesson. 20 minutes will “zoom” by on a lazy Sunday morning. No excuses!
Sunday October 25th: 11 AM Shiur, 11:20 Q&A (optional)
Meeting ID: 422 881 7759
Passcode: 613


Change Through Prayer

Shaare Rachamim and the MYC are proud to present a new lecture series for singles on Tefila with Rabbi Yosef Bitton. From Modeh Ani to Alenu Leshabeach, learn what we are saying, and why. This is sure to transform your prayer experience and enable you to truly unleash the power of Tefila. The classes are open to singles in person, as well as everyone on Zoom. Starting Monday, October 26th - 8:30 pm at Shaare Rachamim. ZOOM ID: 561 295 1223. Click Here for the Flyer and More Info



MONDAY NIGHTS @ 9 PM: Deep Dive into the Parsha by Rabbi Maroof

Dive into the characters of the Torah on Monday nights.
A refreshing perspective on the Parashat for all levels. Ohr Esther. 130 Steamboat Rd at 9:00 PM. . Click Here for the Flyer and More Info



Like the past three years, Mashadi Jewish communities of all around the world (USA, Italy , England, Germany, Israel) will join as a united group to give a symbolic gift of 1,000.00 NIS (about $300) to each Mashadi soldier presently serving in the IDF.
Because of coronavirus this year there will not be any ceremony and every soldier will receive his/her gift by mail or wire transfer during Hanukkah.
Last year, the number of soldiers who received a symbolic gift of 1,000.00 NIS was about 165. This year it is expected that there will be somewhere between 150-175 applicants.
It will be greatly appreciated if everyone in our community will give some donation towards the funding of this year’s program
■ There are many volunteers who are helping out by collecting donations from their friends and community members. Please let us know if you or any of your friends or family members would like to be added to the list of volunteers.
■ Special envelopes were printed for the IDF soldiers program, you can place your donation check inside these envelopes and then send by mail. All checks must be payable to UMJCA, please don’t mail any cash. There will be a Venmo account soon for those people who would like to send their donation through Venmo.
■ This year’s IDF soldiers program is in honor and in memory of two very good and respectful individuals in the Mashadi community: late Youness Hakimian (Mortezazadeh) and late Khosrow Hakimian (Mortezazadeh).
For More Info please contact Albert Bassal


Mashadi Women's Shabbat Spice

A weekly dose of wisdom & insights on the Parasha to spice up your Shabbat table! Each week features articles by two women of the community. To receive this week's edition, subscribe weekly, or to write for us: email mashadishabbatspice@gmail.com. Submitted by Ashley Namdar. Click Here for a printable view of this weeks edition


Mashadi Bikkur Cholim Announcement

Mashadi Bikkur Cholim would like to thank everyone who donated for the meals and the dedication of the new Sukkah to North Shore University Hospital. The Mashadi community of Great Neck was recognized by the staff at the hospital as over 300 meals were served in our Sukkah. Submitted by Ramin Mardkha. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PICTURES

umjca logo

Announcement from UMJCA Food Pantry

Dear community members, our newly established food pantry is working to provide monthly FREE grocery packages for our seniors. In order to be eligible for this program you must be 60 or older, have less than $1400 monthly income, and be a New York State resident. Please text message or call Melody Aziz directly at 516-400-3026 or Morris Aziz directly at +1 (516) 850-8787 or ask a family member to contact us and to register for this great program. Your calls will be kept strictly confidential.


Marriage Committee Announcement

Dear community members,
Due to the covid-19 pandemic the wedding package is unfortunately not available at this time. However, sponsorship is still available. For more information contact Haleh Benilevi (516) 849-3636

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Weekly Newsletter of the Mashadi Jewish Community of Milan. Clicca qui per Noam News

Rabbi Ezrahian

Rabbi Ezrahian Classes on Zoom

If you have missed the popular Rabbi Ezrahian Classes on Zoom, you can watch the recordings at http://kanissanews.com/rabbiezrahian

shalom week


■ Why did Noah take 120 years to build the Ark?
■ What is the Haftarah? Half the Torah?
■ Israelis for Trump

Shalom Week

Shalom Week Pictures 1

Shalom Week Pictures 2



mazal tov 1

A NEW Service by Kanissa News and Shalom Week

Assaf & Yadinah Yacobi for the birth of a boy

Hematian and Ghalander families for the wedding of Itamar & Adrianna

Zar and Agus families for the wedding of Skylar & Joshua

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You can share your happiness with the Families or say Mazal Tov at:



If you would like your Celebration and Picture listed in the Mazal Tov Page or Shalom Week, please email to kanissanews@gmail.com, or holondon@aol.com, whatsapp/text to (917) 859 - 0269 by Wednesday Night


Mr Bassalian Zoom Page

If you have missed the popular Mr Bassalian Classes on Zoom, you can watch the recordings at www.kanissanews.com/mrbassalian

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Sephardic Bet Midrash Presents:

SBM Daily Dose

Short, Powerful, and Life-Changing Daily Videos of Halacha, Inspiration & Parasha will be posted Every Single Day!
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Learning Together While Apart

UMJCA in conjunction with Shaare Shalom, Ohr Esther, Shaare Rachamim, SBM and MYC Present: "Learning Together While Apart". While we all try getting through these challenging times, the Rabbis and teachers in our community have agree to continue giving their Shiurim and Lectures through the internet. Using online platforms like Zoom and FaceBook Live, we are able to stay connected even while in isolation. With over 1500 participants this past week, we have decided to continue the virtual learning next week. Each day, there are 12-15 different Shiurim for both men and women.

To be notified of the Shiur times, topics and how to listen live, you can go to:

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- Join the Whatsapp Admin Only Chats.
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May our Community always stay united, and Be'ezrat Hashem, in the Zechut of our Torah Learning, may both our Community and the entire world be protected from the virus.
For more information please contact: Michael Livi (516) 782-7720 or Kelly Namdar (516) 996-6606


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