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Weekly Headlines of the United Mashadi Jewish Community of America


Candle Lighting 4:15 PM

Shabbat Ends: 5:24 PM


Central Board Announcement:


As nights have been starting much earlier, we would like to remind all of our community members to please use caution when walking or riding bikes. We should never assume that all passing vehicles can always see us. We would like to remind everyone to bring your reflectors and vests with you to Kanissa.For those who forget, we have placed new reflector vests at all of our minyans this Friday night. Submitted by Andy Levian.



Shaare Rachamim is proud to announce the start of a new weekly Parasha Shiur by Rabbi Bitton. Friday night, right after Arbit (Winter only). Rabbi Bitton will deliver a short 15 minute shiur, with insights on the Parasha of the week which you can share with your family at the Shabbat table. The first shiur will take place Friday night November 20 at Shaare Rachamim on Parashat Toledot. Submitted by Emanuel Hakimi.



AIRHEADS??? You don’t have to be absent minded to enjoy these, but you might need a good dentist. Kids welcome!
POLL OF THE WEEK: If you were Abraham, would you pass G-d’s test and agree to bind and sacrifice your son?
A) Yes B) No C) Depends if he is on his Xbox
SHALOM BAYIT TIP: It's okay to constructively criticize, but know the currency: For every criticism, deposit at least 4 compliments. (P.S. Never EVER criticize without purpose.)
JEWISH FACT: Respecting parents is a mitzvah with a defined reward: long life. Rules: Don’t contradict parents in public, stand when they enter a room, help them get dressed or eat when they are no longer capable, etc.
Parsha Preview: TOLDOT! After being barren, Rebecca becomes pregnant with rumbling twins: Esav & Jacob. Isaac favors Esav (because he hunts game), and Rebecca favors Jacob. A starving Esav sells his birthright to Jacob for a pot of lentils. At Rebecca’s instructions, he wears Esav’s clothes and tricks Isaac into giving him the first born blessing. Jacob flees to Lavan.
Submitted by Michael Hakimian.

shaare shalom plaque

Sunday Mincha Services at Shaare Shalom

Please be advised that the two Sunday Mincha & Arvit Services at Shaare Shalom will be taking place in the outdoor Tents in the Parking Lot. For more information please contact David Hazghian.


Emuna Put To The Test: Believing in Hashem in Challenging Times.

Please join us for a special shiur with Rabbi Yosef Bitton for the Refuah Shelema of Yehoshua Shaul Ben Naima. All Ladies and Gentlemen 18 Years Old+ are invited to attend the Shiur in person with Rabbi Bitton on Monday, November 23rd at 8:15pm in Shaare Rachamim. The Shiur will be broadcasted via Zoom for everyone else as well. https://zoom.us/j/5612951223. Feel free to contact Michael Livi or Emanuel Hakimi with any questions. Click Here for the Flyer and More Info

Rabbi Maroof 4

Rabbi Maroof Weekly Posts on the Jewish Concept of Tefillah

Rabbi Joshua Marrof has started a series of weekly posts on the Jewish concept of tefillah in memory of Dorina Kalaty Esther bat Eliyahou A"H. The first one is up and they will B"H be updated Thursdays here http://www.ydvh.org/category/tefillah-the-jewish-concept-of-prayer/

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Central Board Announcement

Dear Community Members, November 5, 2020 Unfortunately, in the past few weeks we have seen a growing number of positive COVID cases in our area and within the community. We feel it is imperative to make the following requests and policy changes to stay ahead of the situation and prevent it from getting any worse. Please be aware that all decisions have been discussed with the Medical Advisory Committee, our Religious Council, our Synagogue Boards, and elders within our community to be sure there is a common consensus.

Please click Here to Read the Important Central Board Message regarding Weddings, Parties and Shiras at our Synagogues

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VIDEO: Mashadi Business Network - Nov 16th

Click Here to View the Youtube Video


Mashadi Women's Shabbat Spice

A weekly dose of wisdom & insights on the Parasha to spice up your Shabbat table! Each week features articles by two women of the community. To receive this week's edition, subscribe weekly, or to write for us: email mashadishabbatspice@gmail.com. Submitted by Ashley Namdar. Click Here for a printable view of this weeks edition

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Americana Manhasset Champions for Charity

Support the UMJCA when you shop at Americana Manhasset! Americana Manhasset and Wheatley Plaza invite you to participate in Champions for Charity® from December 3rd through December 5th 2020. They will donate up to 25% to the UMJCA when you shop at their stores during those dates. To register before you shop, please go to: championsforcharity.org or visit concierge desk at Americana Manhasset.
To register online, please go to: https://www.americanamanhasset.com/champions-for-charity/login/. For further information, please email avital@mashadi.org. Proceeds from Champions for Charity are allocated to the UMJCA Youth Programming. The Religious Council respectfully requests that our community members avoid any food establishments that lack kosher supervision at all times and especially during the Champions for Charity Drive. Click Here for the Flyer and More Info


Candles for Meorot

Support Jewish Special Education in our Community

Click Here for the Flyer and More Info


Chai Lifeline Chanukah Toy Drive

A great way to get your kids involved in giving back specially to sick kids and their families is to shop the Chai Lifeline wish list for Chanukah. You can use the amazon wish list link here and let your kids choose what to give to others. Or if you have new toys you’d like to donate drop off, we are collecting at 21 Hawthorne Lane until Dec 13. Thank you Tizku LMitzvot. Submitted by Lauren Soleimani. Click Here for the Flyer and More Info



MONDAY NIGHTS @ 9 PM: Deep Dive into the Parsha by Rabbi Maroof

Dive into the characters of the Torah on Monday nights.
A refreshing perspective on the Parashat for all levels. Ohr Esther. 130 Steamboat Rd at 9:00 PM. . Click Here for the Flyer and More Info



Like the past three years, Mashadi Jewish communities of all around the world (USA, Italy , England, Germany, Israel) will join as a united group to give a symbolic gift of 1,000.00 NIS (about $300) to each Mashadi soldier presently serving in the IDF.
Because of coronavirus this year there will not be any ceremony and every soldier will receive his/her gift by mail or wire transfer during Hanukkah.
Last year, the number of soldiers who received a symbolic gift of 1,000.00 NIS was about 165. This year it is expected that there will be somewhere between 150-175 applicants.
■ You can Pledge by:
- Placing your check inside Special envelopes printed for the IDF soldiers program available at our Synagogues,
- Send a CHECK made to: UMJCA and mailed to: UMJCA foundation- IDF, PO Box 220394, Great Neck NY 11022
- VENMO@mortezazadeh-IDF
This year’s IDF soldiers program is in honor and in memory of two very good and respectful individuals in the Mashadi community: late Youness Hakimian (Mortezazadeh) and late Khosrow Hakimian (Mortezazadeh).
For More Info please contact Albert Bassal

Taharat Haim Amazon Cover

New Book: Taharat Haim

We are proud to announce the publishing of a new book, Taharat Haim: Laws and Customs of Family Purity, based on the teachings of our own Rabbi Eliyahu Ben-Haim and approved by the UMJCA Religious Council. The book will be provided to all our engaged couples as they take their Chatan and Kallah classes before their wedding. For more information about the book, contact Rabbi Mosheh Aziz..
For more details and to access the Amazon Link Please Click Here


Mashadi Bikkur Cholim Introduces CAPE

Mashadi Bikkur Cholim has been building relationships and negotiating for many months to be able to introduce CAPE to our community members. This will be a great benefit as the need for private therapy has increased during the pandemic, has been very hard to find, is expensive and usually not covered by insurance. CAPE has 12 licensed therapists, each specialized with decades of experience, as well as a psychiatrist and nurse practitioner who can dispense medication.

If you missed the informative Cape Zoom Session that took place Last Week, please click Here for the youtube video

How do you apply for services at CAPE?

Call: 718-224-0566 or email: cape@commonpointqueens.org. The CAPE coordinators will ask for your demographic information such as: name, address, phone contact, birthdate and insurance information. They will also discuss the primary reason you are contacting them. Please feel comfortable giving them this information and stating that you are part of the Mashadi Community. All information are kept strictly confidential. you will then be assigned a therapist who will contact you to intake your information and reason for your contacting CAPE which could take up to two sessions. After that, you will be assigned and matched to a psychotherapist who is usually the same therapist who initially contacts you but not always. Cape bills almost all insurance including Medicare and Medicaid. There will be a sliding scale for those who can not afford co-pay; which UJA will assist. No one who could benefit from Cape's services will be denied care for financial reasons. Submitted by Ramin Mardkha.

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Announcement from UMJCA Food Pantry

Dear community members, our newly established food pantry is working to provide monthly FREE grocery packages for our seniors. In order to be eligible for this program you must be 60 or older, have less than $1400 monthly income, and be a New York State resident. Please text message or call Melody Aziz directly at 516-400-3026 or Morris Aziz directly at +1 (516) 850-8787 or ask a family member to contact us and to register for this great program. Your calls will be kept strictly confidential.


Marriage Committee Announcement

Dear community members,
Due to the covid-19 pandemic the wedding package is unfortunately not available at this time. However, sponsorship is still available. For more information contact Haleh Benilevi (516) 849-3636

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Weekly Newsletter of the Mashadi Jewish Community of Milan. Clicca qui per Noam News

Rabbi Ezrahian

Rabbi Ezrahian Classes on Zoom

If you have missed the popular Rabbi Ezrahian Classes on Zoom, you can watch the recordings at http://kanissanews.com/rabbiezrahian

shalom week


■ Israel's 2nd astronaut
■ Vaccine's Jewish links
■ Nobody is perfect even our Patriarchs

Shalom Week

Shalom Week Pictures 1



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A NEW Service by Kanissa News and Shalom Week

Aaron (Roni) & Nava Nematnejad for the birth of a girl

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Mr Bassalian Zoom Page

If you have missed the popular Mr Bassalian Classes on Zoom, you can watch the recordings at www.kanissanews.com/mrbassalian

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