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Weekly Headlines of the United Mashadi Jewish Community of America


Candle Lighting 7:11 pm

Shabbat Ends: 8:20 pm

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Free Covid-19 PCR testing available this Saturday Night - Ohr Esther

130 Steamboat Rd - Saturday night April 10th - 8:40pm - 9:40pm.Testing available for students that need to test before coming back to school. If you traveled back to NY on Tuesday, your 4th day of travel will be Saturday, which will be accepted by the schools. Free Covid-19 PCR testing covered by insurance. Results will be returned next day, by Sunday at midnight. Fill out this registration form in advance: https://tiny.prophasedx.com/Lev-Bio-Labs. Submitted by Tony Aziz . Click Here for the Flyer and More Info



UMJCA Supervisory Council is inviting you to a special Zoom event: UMJCA Sisterhood Meet the Candidates Night
Sunday Apr 11th @ 8:00pm
Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87437733460
Meeting ID: 874 3773 3460



UMJCA Supervisory Council is inviting you to a special Zoom event: UMJCA Mashadi Youth Committee (MYC) - Meet the Candidates Night
Monday Apr 12th @ 8:00pm
Join Zoom Meeting - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84957965901
Meeting ID: 849 5796 5901


FREE Drive-Through COVID-19 PCR Testing

After a holiday week of gatherings and travel, it is more important than
ever to be cautious about Covid-19. We are urging all travelers, even if
vaccinated, to please test before returning to our buildings. LevBioLabs is offering free PCR testing at the following times:

- Saturday night 4/10 8:40pm-9:40pm at 130 Steamboat Rd. & Sunday 4/11 9:00am-12:00pm at 54 Steamboat Rd. Results delivered by end of the next day.

Insurance covers all costs. No co-pays, deductibles or out of pocket expense. Uninsured are covered by the government. Please fill out this registration form in advance: https://tiny.prophasedx.com/Lev-Bio-Labs
For more information contact (516) 500-TEST - (516) 500-8378. Submitted by Tony Aziz.


Special Yom Ha’azmaut Zoom Event

Members of the UMJCA are invited to participate in a special Yom Ha’azmaut zoom event that is being co-sponsored by AIPAC. The event is on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at 7:30 PM. Submitted by Shawn Hakimian. Below is link to register for the event: https://aipac.secure.force.com/site_app#/event/EV181838/register.
Click Here for the Flyer and More Info

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Yom Ha'atzmaut at Javoon

We invite all community youth to join us in the Javoon Minyan
this coming this Thursday, April 15 as we celebrate the 73rd anniversary of Israeli independence. We will recite full Hallel, and have a lavish Israeli themed breakfast to honor this occasion. 7:45am Shacharit - Main Kanissa at Shaare Rachamim.

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Learn a New Gemara with Rabbi Adam Sabzevari

Ever wanted to learn Gemara in a class that makes it easy to follow? Join this new Gemara class with Rabbi Adam Sabzevari to sharpen your critical thinking skills and see how our Sages debated. Starting April 27th. Tuesdays at 8:30 PM. First timers welcome. Submitted by Itai Hakimian. Click Here for the Flyer and More Info

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Supervisory Council Elections Announcement

Dear Community Members: The UMJCA Supervisory Council is releasing the
alphabetical list of candidates for the UMJCA Sisterhood & MYC Elections to be held on Sunday, April 18, 2021 from 9am to 6pm at the Mashadi Jewish Center, Shaare Shalom Synagogue. All men and women are eligible to vote for the Sisterhood Election. Supervisory Council: Cathy Banilivy - Allen Hakim - Allen Hakimian - Herbert Livi - Hooman Yaghoutiel - Mahtab Zar.


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KIDS CLASSES OPEN! Bring your toddlers again and read the Torah in peace, bring your ping pong prodigy
to our game room, or send your middle-schooler to our bar mitzvah training minyan!
JOKE OF THE WEEK: Q:Why do we clear our search engine browsing history before Passover?A: Because Jewish computers cannot have ‘cookies’.
SHALOM BAYIT TIP: Dr Gottman says that we should not be ambiguous with our partner. Be CLEAR & avoid passive aggressive comments. Instead of “Maybe I would be nicer if the room wasn’t so messy” try “I would like for you to please be neater.”
JEWISH FACT: The Torah lists only 4 animals that have either a split hoof or chew its cud (eg camel). Despite the millions of species that have been discovered, this has not been disproven. It is one of the proofs that the Torah is divinely written.
PARSHA PREVIEW: Shemini! On the eighth (‘Shemini’) day, Aaron & sons are coronated as temple priests, and bring sacrifices. Aaron’s 2 older sons, Nadav & Avihu, bring an unauthorized incense and die. Kosher animals are prescribed (split hoof & chews cub, fins & scales, etc).
Submitted by Michael Hakimian.


UMJCA Sisterhood Plant Sale

UMJCA Sisterhood Plant Sale will take place on Sunday, May 9th at 10AM. At 54 Steamboat Road. A beautiful selection of annual and perennial plants and vegetables will be available. Please contact any Sisterhood member for preorders and details. Submitted by Lena Kavakeb. Click Here for the Flyer and More Info


Learn About Success of Israel’s Covid-19 Program

Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem is planning an exclusive webinar in which its president Dr. Yecheskel Caine will speak about Herzog’s response to Covid-19, and Israel’s successful vaccinationcampaign. The webinar is being planned for the last week in April and details will be given to those who register. Herzog Hospital was established 120 years ago and is Israel’s foremost center for geriatric, respiratory, mental health, and psychotrauma care, treatment and research. Herzog is one of the largest hospitals in Jerusalem with 600 beds. Please contact Mansour Karimzadeh (516-770-6200) for further details. There will be no solicitation.


Shaare Shalom Announcement


Exciting express minyan open to men and woman of all ages Shabbat morning and Chagim in the Social Hall of Shaare Shalom. Baruch Sheamar at 9:45. Special English Divrei Torah and Kiddush Table follow. Come see what all the hype is all about


Sefirat HaOmer WhatsApp Reminder

If you are interested to subscribe to a Sefirat HaOmer WhatsApp Reminder, please click on any of the links below. Please start with Group 1, if the group is full, move on to the link for Group 2 etc.
No reminders will be sent on Erev Shabbat or Erev Chag. This service is free. Sponsoring a night with a dedication is possible – private message the sender of the messages.
Group 1: https://chat.whatsapp.com/FWxOyKBOCOPINrHqHUJGzl
Group 2: https://chat.whatsapp.com/FjKh1kwQLMeA9jI8BQRAZP
Group 3: https://chat.whatsapp.com/KEMjqs0GrfD8ZAzvCw4BRp
Group 4: https://chat.whatsapp.com/D8oBmu9AH0LKH4DKUV0Y0E
Group 5: https://chat.whatsapp.com/DNM4YfskrrkE0NXwMtkLFC


Special Ceremony at Shaare Shalom Honoring Active IDF Soldiers

Hello Dear community members, We are very happy to inform you that hopefully on Saturday April 24 there will be an special ceremony at Shaare Shalom Synagogue for completion of 2020 program for honoring active IDF soldiers with Mashadi connections successfully. Mr. Jonathan Hazghian and possibly along with other board members as recognition and appreciation from families of late Yoness Mortezazade and late Khosrow Mortezazade will present a plaque to representatives of above Families.Would you Please mark your calendar for April 24 and try to come to Shaare Shalom synagogue on that Shabbat for above ceremony. Regards, Albert Bassal C/O - Israel and Zionism committee


Mashadi Women's Shabbat Spice

A weekly dose of wisdom & insights on the Parasha to spice up your Shabbat table! Each week features articles by two women of the community. To receive each week’s edition by WhatsApp or by email, contact mashadishabbatspice@gmail.com. Submitted by Ashley Namdar. Click Here for a printable view of this weeks edition


COVID-19 PCR Testing Available

As we continue to open more of our buildings and services, we must continue to be safe and vigilant against another outbreak. We would like to remind everyone, if you're showing any symptoms or if you've had an exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, we ask you to please quarantine and get tested as soon as possible. LevBioLabs is offering Free PCR testing for COVID-19. Highly trained technicians will take a Nasal mid-turbinate (NMT) swab, which is less invasive than the Deep Nasal, and send it to a local lab with the highest level of PCR accuracy. Results are given by the next day. House calls are available for in-home testing. To schedule an appointment, please call Rachel at (516) 770-9684. Testing sites for large groups and events are also available. To organize a site, please call (516) 500 – 8378

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Final Round of Camp MJC Job Interviews Next Week!

Don't miss out on a fun and fulfilling paid job opportunity this summer! Camp MJC is hiring Morahs and Assistant Morahs (for grades K-1), Counselors, Junior Counselors (16+), Art Assistant, Sports Coaches, Trip Leaders, Photographer/Social Media Manager, and an Office Assistant. We would like to give community members the opportunity to apply for these positions. All camp staff must be a minimum of 16 years old. Click on the "Staff Application" link on www.campmjc.org if you or your child would like to apply for a summer job. The application deadline is March 5th, 2021. Job availability is limited and positions are not guaranteed. For further information, please email jobs@campmjc.org. Click Here for the Flyer and More Info


Shalom camp registration is now open to the entire community for Toddler, Nursery & Pre-K

New enhanced 8 week program With new extended camp hours. All in-house entertainment. & activities. Hot lunch and healthy snacks served daily. For inquires please contact Shalom Office at (516) 829-1435. Director: Betty Arjang. Click Here for the Flyer and More Info


UMJCA Medical Advisory Announcement

The free Monoclonal Antibody treatments that we announced earlier this month that were locally available at North Shore Hospital, are also now available at St. Francis Hospital. If you or a loved one is diagnosed with COVID 19, monoclonal antibody treatment, which has an EUA from the FDA for treatment of non-hospitalized patients with COVID 19 in higher risk groups, are available through the St. Francis Hospital Emergency room. Please consult with your Physician if you are diagnosed with COVID and are interested in such treatment. No need for appointments. This similar treatment is still available through Northwell Health, although your Doctor will need to coordinate and schedule appointments for you to receive the treatment. Submitted by Andy Levian.


Community News via WhatsApp!!

You can now receive Community Prayer Times, Mazal Tov News and more through the NEW Kanissa News WhatsApp Broadcast. Please supply your First and Last after joining the Group.



Discovery 2021 Pre-Registration Form

Last Chance to Register - Only Few Spots Left

Dates: Wednesday Jun/24/2021 To Thursday Jul/15/2021

If you have any questions please contact Simon at: Ebrani@gmail.com Cell: 516-244-0115 or Yosi Nassimi at Yosi@esyny.com Cell:516-850-8750
Click Here to Register


Central Board Event Calendar Notice Two

Dear Community Members, As we are getting closer to the end of the pandemic, we still need to exercise caution and follow the guidelines provided by our officials and CDC. With that said, we know there is a current backlog of weddings and we wish to help all the engaged couples get married as soon as possible. For this reason, the Central Board has revised the temporary COVID community guidelines for reserving parties due to the overwhelming requests of dates. Beginning February 14, 2021. Click Here for the official Central Board Letter and More Information


Mashadi Bikkur Cholim Introduces CAPE

Mashadi Bikkur Cholim has been building relationships and negotiating for many months to be able to introduce CAPE to our community members. This will be a great benefit as the need for private therapy has increased during the pandemic, has been very hard to find, is expensive and usually not covered by insurance. CAPE has 12 licensed therapists, each specialized with decades of experience, as well as a psychiatrist and nurse practitioner who can dispense medication.

If you missed the informative Cape Zoom Session that took place Last Week, please click Here for the youtube video

How do you apply for services at CAPE?

Call: 718-224-0566 or email: cape@commonpointqueens.org. The CAPE coordinators will ask for your demographic information such as: name, address, phone contact, birthdate and insurance information. They will also discuss the primary reason you are contacting them. Please feel comfortable giving them this information and stating that you are part of the Mashadi Community. All information are kept strictly confidential. you will then be assigned a therapist who will contact you to intake your information and reason for your contacting CAPE which could take up to two sessions. After that, you will be assigned and matched to a psychotherapist who is usually the same therapist who initially contacts you but not always. Cape bills almost all insurance including Medicare and Medicaid. There will be a sliding scale for those who can not afford co-pay; which UJA will assist. No one who could benefit from Cape's services will be denied care for financial reasons. Submitted by Ramin Mardkha.

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Weekly Newsletter of the Mashadi Jewish Community of Milan. Clicca qui per Noam News

shalom week


■ This week’s parasha proves that the Torah was given by Hashem
■ What is true kindness (chesed) ?
■ The amazing State of Israel on its 73rd birthday

Shalom Week

Shalom Week Pictures 1

Shalom Week Pictures 2

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A NEW Service by Kanissa News and Shalom Week

Rabbi Moshe & Gabriella Aziz for the birth of a girl

Eitan & Talia Cohen for the birth of a girl

Andrew & Monica (Aghajanoff) Mittelman for the birth of a girl

Ruben & Tal Gorjian for the Barmitzvah of Miron

Mickey & Shadi Nassimiha for the Barmitzvah of Oren

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You can share your happiness with the Families or say Mazal Tov at:



If you would like your Celebration and Picture listed in the Mazal Tov Page or Shalom Week, please email to kanissanews@gmail.com, or holondon@aol.com, whatsapp/text to (917) 859 - 0269 by Wednesday Night

Rabbi Ezrahian

Rabbi Ezrahian Classes on Zoom

If you have missed the popular Rabbi Ezrahian Classes on Zoom, you can watch the recordings at http://kanissanews.com/rabbiezrahian


Mr Bassalian Zoom Page

If you have missed the popular Mr Bassalian Classes on Zoom, you can watch the recordings at www.kanissanews.com/mrbassalian

Rabbi Jonathan Livi

Tanakh Classes with Rabbi Jonathan Livi!

Sephardic Bet Midrash is proud to present a whole slew of classes on Tanakh by our very own Rabbi Jonathan Livi.

Parasha Classes - AKA "The Parasha Podcast"

■ Monday through Friday: 7:35AM - 8:05AM in the Shaare Shalom social hall
■ Sunday at 9:30AM - in Shaare Rachamim (main floor)

All classes can be found on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. (uploaded daily)
Spotify Link
Apple Podcasts Link

Navi Classes (Starting with Sefer Yehoshua) - AKA "The Navi Podcast"

■ Monday - Friday - 8:40AM - 9:00AM - Shaare Rachamim main sanctuary
■ Thursday nights - 8:30PM Shaare Rachamim Main Floor
Spotify Link
Apple Podcasts Link

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Sephardic Bet Midrash Presents:

SBM Daily Dose

Short, Powerful, and Life-Changing Daily Videos of Halacha, Inspiration & Parasha will be posted Every Single Day!
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WhatsApp: https://wa.me/15163870204?text=Add%20Me
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